New Dolls On The Way

I have been quite naughty since getting back from holidays and have bought three new dolls which I’m waiting to get in the post. I’ll post about each of them properly with pictures when they arrive but here’s a short summary.

Barbie The Look City Shine Brunette

This girl has been on my list since I first spotted her and I was lucky to find her at a good price.

City Shine brunette Barbie.
City Shine brunette Barbie.

Blonde 1966 Sindy in Weekenders

Sweet Dreams Sindy in Emergency Ward
Sweet Dreams Sindy in Emergency Ward

I have a couple of blonde Sindy’s already but I wanted another as I have more outfits I would like on display. Once she arrives and has been cleaned up the Sindy’s will be doing an outfit swap. The new one will probably get “Emergency Ward” and one of the slimmer Sindy’s will get the blue version of “Coffee Party” which has been sitting around for a while waiting for someone to wear it. On the subject of Sindy I bid on and lost two other Sindy auctions today. Both reached the same amount I’d paid for the previous one and I did not feel that they were worth more than her so I stopped. I had exchanged several friendly emails with the seller earlier about the ID of one of them and I agree with her that she was probably a New Zealand Sindy assembled by Lines Brothers. She had a very put together from whatever was around look to her. I would have quite liked to get that one but there will be other Sindy’s. There is something about the look of the older Sindy’s that Tonner just didn’t quite get when they made their repro doll. I expect it is like when Americans try to remake British or Australian TV shows. They just don’t see them the same way.

Ideal Giggles


Ideal’s Giggles doll was made between 1966-69 and I have always liked her face.  She’s been on my dolly wish list for many years but normally they go a bit too high for me or I’m just not looking at the right time. I’d not actually heard one giggle until I checked out this YouTube clip and I  think she sounds more like Flipper the TV dolphin than a child but I still think she’s cute.

Coming Soon

I have a birthday coming up in a couple of months and Naomi tells me she’s found me something I will really like. She offered to tell me what it was but I opted to be “surprised” instead. All I know is that he or she is vintage and not often found in Australia so I am very curious but not willing to spoil the fun of opening a mystery present.

I have been a bit slack on the doll blog lately but will try to get some new pictures up soon. I am getting a new camera so that will be a good excuse to photograph them all again. I also plan to start doing some more paper doll posts as Naomi and I spent Good Friday sorting more clothes out from the big box and doing ID’s.

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