The Show Must Go On

*Warning: There is mild doll nudity in this post.

Jan has been asked to organise the next Fashion Fever Fashion show. She has found some volunteer models and collected up the clothes they will wear. She’s decided that the theme for the show will be blue outfits. The girls need somewhere to get ready so Jan asks the Tressy’s if she can borrow their room at the Tammy House. Somewhat reluctantly the Tressy’s agree. They stay until all the models have arrived and are starting to get changed and then leave to do some shopping.

Red Basics Barbie
Jan is asked to organise the fashion show.

Meanwhile Jan is dealing with all kinds of chaos as the girls  try to sort themselves out.

“Have you done any modelling before?” she asks the young girl who is patiently waiting for last minute alterations to her outfit.
“Oh no! This will be my first time. The Office sent me along. I’m on work experience.” she explains.

"I'm here on work experience."
“I’m here on work experience.”

Michelle is worried about her shoes; she hasn’t worn platform heels before. “I think they are a size too big.” she says teetering about.

Michelle tries to get used to platform heels.
Michelle tries to get used to platform heels.

Jan is getting complaints from all corners.

Grace says that her shoes are too tight, she can’t get them on her feet at all.

Vivienne waves her halter top. “This can’t possibly be my outfit. Look at it! It’s way too small.”

Midge can’t seem to find her outfit at all and as if that is not bad enough someone has moved her street clothes. Jan tries to calm everybody down.

Jan tries to calm everybody down.
Jan tries to calm everybody down.

She turns to see another model has arrived. “Tris? What are you doing here? Now I have too many models.”

"What are you doing here?"
“What are you doing here?”

At the far end of the room Becky is ready. Her dress fits perfectly and she brought a pair of shoes from home that she knew would fit her.

Becky is ready even if nobody else is.
Becky is ready even if nobody else is.

“Amateurs!” Jan sighs. Will she manage to sort everyone’s problems out in time for the show to go ahead?

You will have to wait for the next post to find out.



  1. Looking forward to the outcome to this drama. One of my favorite past post was the one involving Marissa and Midge, who seems to attract trouble. You inspired me to acquire ‘Marissa’ (now a favorite), ‘Becky’ and ‘Midge’. Even though I favor brunettes, I love the blond bobs.


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