Fashion Fever Fashions – Solo Fashions – Part Three

After the chaos of the previous post you will be happy to know that Jan did manage to get the girls calmed down. She made a few changes to the program and before long they were ready for the catwalk. All of the outfits in the show are from Fashion Fever packs, some came with shoes and others didn’t. One or two were separates which I am showing together.

Let’s meet the models again.

The Models:

  • Becky – Black Basics Barbie #09
  • Grace-Denim Basics Barbie #14
  • Tris – Divergent Tris No. 2
  • Michelle – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave B
  • Vivienne – Pilot Barbie 1999
  • “Work Experience Barbie” – New Style Barbie 2015 Wave 4

The Fashions:

Fashion Fever blue cocktail dress.
Blue “satin” dress with belt. Becky brought her own shoes.

Becky likes this blue “satin” dress which has an attached belt. She brought her own shoes along. Sensible girl.  It is a fairly good fit on the Model Muse body. Becky says she would buy this dress for herself.

Fashion Fever blue skirt and blouse set.
Grace in matching blue skirt and blouse.

Grace is wearing a two piece consisting of a blue blouse with puffed sleeves and a short flouncy skirt with an overskirt. It fits her reasonably well. The skirt is not too loose. She never did get those shoes on.

Fashion Fever crop pants and top.
Michelle balancing in platform heels.

Michelle managed to master the platform heels and is wearing a matching chiffon top with a camisole underneath and a pair of striped crop pants.

Our young work experience miss is wearing two items which came as separates but look good together. They actually seem a little big on her but perhaps she’ll grow into them.

As Jan had to agree that there was no way that voluptuous Vivienne was going to look decent in that halter top she asked Tris to wear that outfit instead. Her body type is similar to the Fashion Fever girls so it fit her much better. The skirt is made of some stiff material while the halter is a metallic silver. Luckily the boots fit Tris quite well.

Tris in an outfit for clubbing.
Tris in an outfit for clubbing.

Last is Vivienne who is wearing another outfit which is probably meant for clubbing. The halter top fit her quite well and while the gold pants are a little loose round the waist they are not too bad. This is not really Vivienne’s personal style but she prefers it to the previous outfit.

Fashion Fever gold cropped pants and turquoise top.
Vivienne in blue and gold.

Jan was pretty happy with the show and thought that the girls did a pretty good job in the end.  You are probably wondering what happened to Midge. Well as there was one model too many she missed out this time. Jan has some blue dresses picked out for another show so she will probably ask Midge to be in that one as they are best friends.  So while everyone else was doing the show Midge continued to look for her street clothes. She never did find them and had to borrow an outfit to go home in.

Midge still can't find her street clothes.
Midge still can’t find her street clothes.

I think that if we were to ask the Tressy’s they might know something about that.

Those clothes the Tressy's are carrying look familiar.
Those clothes the Tressy’s are carrying look familiar.


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