Another New Theme

I know, I know this is the third time I’ve changed the look of this blog in three months.  I found that although the previous theme was very uncluttered I didn’t like the really narrow text area. Even in desktop mode it seemed to make all the photos really tiny.

I thought I would  give a different style a try. This one looks larger on my monitor and may also make it easier for people to find a specific post.

There is just one problem. With this kind of theme you really need to use featured images and I don’t always set them. I have just spent some time setting them for all the posts from this year but it’s going to take me some time to do the rest. I have nearly three years worth of posts here. Serves me right for not making up my mind. Still, I don’t know how many people would keep scrolling that long. It’s probably quicker to use one of the menus instead.

I can’t promise I won’t change this again but eventually I’ll find one that I’m happy with. This might be it. In the meantime here are some favourite fashion doll photos.



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