Parcel Day

I knew that I had parcels coming but did not expect to get four in one day. Two had been sitting at the post office for a few days until I could get a friend to pick them up for me but I wasn’t sure when the other two would arrive as they were from Amazon. I must say that Amazon ships to Australia pretty quickly and their rates are often quite reasonable although it pays to have a look before you buy.

Three of my four parcels were doll related, the fourth was a Creative Memories scrapbook album and a punch I had ordered. I’m so pleased that CM started up in Australia again.

Here is everything after I unwrapped it.

Parcel Day!
Parcel Day!

I have bought a few of these City Shine Barbies. Although I don’t like this body type that much for redressing I do like the dolls and their outfits and how could I resist this one? She will be staying in her box for now as will her City Shine sisters because at present I don’t have plans for her. When she comes out I’ll give you all a better look.

The Barbie Look City Shine
The Barbie Look City Shine

I will also be taking more pictures of Giggles. She is in pretty good shape, her face is a bit discoloured from age and she doesn’t seem to giggle any more but I bought her for her face so I don’t mind. She’ll be getting a wash and tidy up soon and I’ll photograph her again before she takes her place on the doll shelves.

Giggles arrives.
Giggles arrives.

I spent some time rearranging the vintage fashion dolls. Although most of them had stands not all had Kaiser stands and I find these are the best ones for holding dolls securely without getting tangled in their clothing. Even Ballerina Barbie who has her original stand got a Kaiser stand today as I get tired of her over balancing.

Kaiser stands for the fashion dolls
Kaiser stands for the fashion dolls

I still need a LOT more stands, maybe another dozen for the fashion dolls plus more for Skipper, Patch etc and then I can start on the larger dolls as quite a few of them don’t have stands either. At least it gave me an excuse to rearrange the doll shelves.

The Sindy  and vintage Barbie shelves were rearranged.
The Sindy and vintage Barbie shelves were rearranged.


  1. I share your joy as I have been quite prolific on eBay! Enjoy your new acquisitions. I take my time with de-boxing and playing with each one.


  2. Really gooooodddd collections! I wish I could also arrange my dolls like these, but not possible because I live near the road and dust gets everywhere all the time. Giggles is so cute!


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