Mystery Solved!


I recently posted this picture in hopes that someone would be able to tell me where it was from.

Costume for a Queen?
Costume for a Queen?

I’m very pleased to say that yesterday Elaine K was able to identify it as coming from “The Princess Paper Doll Book” by Saalfield in 1939. Thanks to Elaine’s information I was able to find pictures of the set online. In fact there is a set preserved at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney donated by its former owner. Here is a link to it.

As The Queen has just turned 90 years old I think it is nice to be able to share this.

There is a laser cut reproduction of this book available on eBay but I don’t think it has all the outfits as it differs slightly from the one I saw on the museum website. Or it may just be that the eBay seller has not shown all the images.

I had thought that the dress was Coronation robes but I had not realised that they were for a child doll because of the large size.

So thanks to the Doll Detectives out there another mystery solved.

Case closed.


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