How I became a doll collector – A Blogiversary Post

This is the first post that I published on the blog three years ago so I thought that I’d reblog it. I think that I have come a long way from my early collecting days. I am happy to tell people that I collect dolls and would welcome the opportunity to show them off at a community event if I were asked. I recently looked around the doll room and wondered how much I’ve spent on them over the past twenty years or so. Some people would say way too much for dolls that are not especially valuable but I think they have been worth every cent for the enjoyment I have had from them.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

I think that I got my love of dolls from my mother. She used to tell me about the dolls she had owned as a child in the 1930s. She enjoyed making rag dolls and dolls clothes and I think that she was delighted to have two little girls to play dolls with when my sister and I came along.

I had all sorts of dolls, big hard plastic baby dolls, a walking doll and smaller vinyl dolls. When I was about seven mum got me a Tressy doll for Christmas. I have to confess that although it was fun to make her hair grow I didn’t care for her white hair all that much. To this day I don’t really care for white-haired dolls. I preferred Sindy who had a sweeter expression and Tammy and funny faced, freckled Patch.

We also had dollshouse sized dolls. dolls in costumes and even…

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  1. Happy Third Blogiversary from me as well! You are so right, all the joy you have with your collection is priceless.


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