Sindy’s Fashions Part One – Dream Date 1963

I took this before I cleaned the blonde Sindy up.
I took this before I cleaned the blonde Sindy up.

I have been collecting Sindy for a good many years now and gradually I’ve managed to find a lot of her original outfits. In fact my goal of collecting original Sindy fashions is the reason that I have ended up with so many Sindys . I needed them to display the clothes on. Well that’s what I tell myself but I really love these old Sindys. They have such sweet faces.

I am trying to collect as many of Sindy’s outfits from the Sindy Set booklet from my childhood plus  a few others covering the production years 1963-69. Like many collectors on a budget I started with incomplete or imperfect outfits and in time have been able to buy better versions of some of them until I can now boast of some near complete outfits. I’ve learned that outfits can vary according to where and when they were made. The earliest Sindy outfits are tagged “Made in England” but you will also find “Empire Made”, “Made in the Irish Republic” and “Made in Hong Kong”.

The hardest things to find are those tiny little accessories that so often get lost or broken in childhood. Lately I’ve had a bit of luck finding some of these little things so I thought now would be a good chance to show them off.

Let’s look at an outfit from 1963.

As a child this was one of my favourite Sindy outfits and one I wanted dearly but never had.

Sindy Dream Date fashion
One of my mini Sindy’s in “Dream Date”

My version is not perfect as it is missing the grosgrain ribbon belt and hair band. I think this might be the later, “Made in Hong Kong” version of the dress. I do have the original gold and black shoes. They are rather fragile but they are the right ones. I also have Sindy’s gold purse.

The description of the bracelet on the Sindy Museum website says that it is “a gold chain bracelet made up of tiny “S” links”. I don’t think this is it.

Dream Date purse and bracelet.
Dream Date purse and bracelet.

However I do have Sindy’s red portable record player and my favourite thing, the tiny Sindy record that goes inside.

Sindy's record player.
Sindy’s record player.
The lid comes off and inside is a tiny record.
The lid comes off and inside is a tiny record.

I had been planning to do just one post about Sindy accessories but now I’m thinking I’ll do a series of posts similar to my Barbie “Fashion Avenue” posts so you can look forward to seeing some more of my Sindy’s and their outfits in the coming weeks.

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  1. I love that record player! Most of my longed-for Sindy outfits are from the late 70s and early 80s (my childhood!) which are of course easier to find. Sometimes I have bought things and THEN realised that I had them when I was a child 🙂


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