Sindy’s Fashions Part Two – Pony Club 1963

Today I’d like to share another of my Sindy fashions from 1963. My model today is one of my later Sindys. I got this poor girl when I was buying any Sindy I could get hold of to model outfits and she is in pretty awful condition to be honest. Her body is damaged with splits and glue and she has plugs missing from her hair. She does however have a very pretty high colour hard head and rooted eyelashes. I cleaned her up as best I could and gave her “Pony Club” to wear because the hat which looks ridiculously small on the bobbed hair early Sindy’s, sits on her head very well and disguises her hair loss to a large degree. I am not sure quite which Sindy she is but think she may be a gauntlet Sindy from the early 1970s. I will do a separate post about her another day.

Hard head Sindy without her hat.
Hard head Sindy without her hat.

“Pony Club” is another outfit I liked as a child. I admired the well tailored jacket especially. Of course I wanted Sindy’s horse too. I’m still working on that.

The outfit is a brown riding jacket over a check shirt and beige twill jodhpurs. The original version of this outfit had a red, black and white check shirt but mine is the later red and white check version. When I first bought the outfit I got the riding cap but not the shoes or accessories. I have just been able to get some of these which I was very excited about. I probably spent as much on the accessories as I did to get the outfit but as I said in my previous Sindy post these little things are the first to be lost or broken usually so they are harder to find. That’s why I have not worried about getting them until now when I’m well advanced in my collection.

Pony Club 1963
Pony Club 1963. This was taken before I got the proper shoes.

Pony Club came with a pair of brown lace up shoes, a riding crop, spurs and two brushes. In my recent eBay purchase I was able to get the shoes, riding crop, one brush and a comb which probably belongs with another set. Still I am pretty happy with that. I only need to find another brush and the spurs now.


Pony Club riding crop.
Pony Club riding crop.
brown lace up shoes, One brush out of two and a comb that belongs somewhere else.
brown lace up shoes, One brush out of two and a comb that belongs somewhere else.

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