The Misadventures of Midge

Regular readers of this blog will know that my Aviator Barbie, Midge, is one of my favourite fashion dolls. As she was my first articulated doll I have always enjoyed posing her for photos. Midge has featured in a few photo stories and often seems to find herself in situations which are not of her own making.

Midge loves to take photographs and would always rather be behind the camera than in front of it. She doesn’t go out of her way to draw attention to herself but she often seems to find herself in awkward situations.

Midge at home with her camera
Midge at home with her camera

Midge’s friend Jan persuaded her to model lingerie.  “How is it different from wearing a bikini?” she asked an embarrassed Midge.


Another time some of her friends insisted on taking her to Rocky Horror Night at the local cinema dressed like this.

Rocky Horror Night
Rocky Horror Night

Marissa decided that Midge needed a makeover and some new clothes and that she would document the whole afternoon and post it to her style blog.

The infamous “Night of the Watermelon Punch” when Marissa insisted that they gatecrash the Tammy Family’s Christmas party. Of course most of what happened that night was a punch induced dream. Wasn’t it?

Midge is single so somebody decided to put her on an online dating site and rented a billboard for her birthday. Midge is not sure if it was Marissa or Jan that was responsible for that but she was quite startled to see herself on the side of a building.

The Midge Billboard.
The Midge Billboard.

Most recently Midge was the victim of a mean trick by the Tressy’s while helping out at a fashion show.

Things have been a bit more peaceful lately. Midge has been taking part in a community project to produce a pageant of Australian fashion through the ages which she has been careful not to tell certain friends about.

Marissa is still checking on that online dating site  though and who knows, Midge may find herself going on a blind date before too much longer.


  1. I have enjoyed Midge’s mis-adventures. I look forward to seeing the outcome of the dating website. That billboard is fantastic! Hope she gets a nice beau.


  2. With all those mishaps, I can understand why she rather wants to be behind the camera. But then we wouldn’t see her very often and that would be a shame. I wonder about the outcome of the dating website adventure.


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