Sindy’s Fashions Part Three – Shopping In The Rain

Shopping In The Rain
Shopping In The Rain

“Shopping In The Rain” is an outfit with a lot of hard to find accessories. I just missed out on getting some of them recently so they are on my wish list. I have always liked the combination of shiny black raincoat and bright red accessories.

The outfit is a black trench coat with a matching belt and triangular headscarf. A couple of Sindy’s outfits from 1963 feature headscarves and as I well remember my mother and other women covering their heads with a scarf to go out it is very typical of the era. Unfortunately I don’t have the belt to go with the raincoat and don’t like my chances of getting it. I do have the red boots and the bag but not the newspaper or the oranges she went out to buy.

There were at least three versions of “Shopping In The Rain” two made in England and a later one made in Hong Kong. The website at the Sindy Museum gives the following description of the differences.

“we have seen two MIE versions of this mac; one is the shinier, patent plastic (shown in the photo) with indented seams and stitch lines detailing, and the second version is a heavier, duller plastic with actual sewn stitching. Later versions of this outfit were made overseas and these are also less shiny and have sewn stitching detail. “

I think that mine is the first version as it is very shiny and has the indented stitching.

First version?
First version?

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