Twinkle, Twinkle

Nearly a month late but Naomi and I were finally able to meet up and she gave me my birthday present. I was expecting a doll but in fact there were two. One was the Titian Swirl Ponytail Barbie featured in Fashion Doll Friday, you’ll be seeing more of her later, the other this little porcelain doll.

 dsmall double jointed porcelain doll.
Twinkle is a double jointed porcelain doll.

She has been sitting around at Naomi’s house for some time and Naomi had nicknamed her Twinkle because her hairstyle reminded her of a comic she used to like as a child which featured a little girl called Twinkle with a similar one. I could see the resemblance so Twinkle she is.

Twinkle , a British comic for little girls from the sixties.
Twinkle , a British comic for little girls from the sixties.
Twinkle the doll.
Twinkle the doll.








Twinkle is about 25cm tall with double jointed strung limbs and a glued on wig. She has no maker marks and I think she may have been made from kit parts. She has lace panties and a crocheted dress.

I found a little chair for her although she is really a bit big for it. I should get her a stand but in the meantime she is settled in with the TV Unit dolls who are mostly porcelain.

Twinkle meets the well dressed dolls.
Twinkle meets the well dressed dolls.


  1. She is pretty and I like her crocheted dress. It is sweet that your sister shares your interest. My sister thought I was over zealous when I collected bobble head dolls. And she hasn’t seen the Barbie Fashion Fever dolls I’ve amassed 😉


    • My sister is also a collector, she collects teddy bears, old toys and all sorts of other things so she understands my hobby and is the one person who I know will pick out exactly the sort of thing I like.


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