Who’s New At The Tammy House

The Tammy house has three new residents. A new Tammy, a new Pepper and Tammy’s friend Misty have recently arrived from Western Australia.

All were in pretty good shape. Pepper has a mark on her face but other than that they just needed their hair tidied up.

Here they are.

I was especially pleased to get Pepper because although I have two others I don’t have this version. She is known as “Posin’ Pepper” as she has bendable arms and legs. Her body is the same proportions as my original straight legged Pepper although her legs are a bit slimmer. She has a new longer hairstyle with a small ponytail at the back. This was in a mess when I got her but copying the pictures in my Tammy book I was able to get it more or less right. My doll is wearing the same play suit that original Pepper was sold in but I’m not sure if it is what she was sold in as in the book Posin’ Pepper is shown in a different outfit.

I have put some Remove-Zit on the mark on her face so you won’t see her again until it’s fixed.

Posin' Pepper in standard Pepper playsuit.
Pepper in standard Pepper Playsuit.

Misty is Tammy’s best friend. Well actually I think she is probably “Grown Up Tammy’s” best friend as she is clearly older and more well-developed than the original Tammy dolls. Ideal used the Misty body for several other dolls including “Miss Clairol” and “Samantha” from the TV series “Bewitched”. Like Tammy, Misty was made initially as a straight legged version and later as a bend leg doll. I think this Misty is the “Posin’ Misty” version.

The early Tammy fashions would not be a perfect fit on Misty because of her different body. As Mattel have done with Barbie Ideal changed their dolls body shape a couple of times. Misty and Pepper’s friend Dodi are much slimmer than Tammy and Pepper and have much smaller heads which looks quite odd when you see them together. “Grown Up” Tammy is actually smaller than the original doll which when you think about it is kind of crazy, shouldn’t she be getting taller? Most fashion dolls seem to have started life taller and then been re-sized by up to half an inch. Another issue for Misty is that with her smaller feet she has a hard time keeping Tammy’s shoes on. Luckily, although Misty and Tammy arrived barefoot they can share shoes with the Sindy’s and I found a pair of Sindy shoes that stayed on her  feet.

Posin' Misty in cut and sew vintage fashion outfit.
Posin’ Misty in cut and sew vintage fashion outfit.

Tammy is the standard straight leg version similar to the Ideal Tammy that I already have except that she has a different number on her back and has slightly darker hair, more of a light brown.  Both have the same “Ideal Toy Corp. BS-12” but one doll has number 1 and the other has 3 at the end. Perhaps these were batch numbers or something like that.  While I was looking at doll marks I decided to look at my childhood Tammy. I’ve always been intrigued that she was a bit different from other Tammy’s I’ve seen. I discovered that she has the same number on the back of her neck but where the American Tammy’s are marked on the hip/buttock area mine is not. Instead she has “Hong Kong” marked on her back. My book does not have any photos of Hong Kong Tammy’s but does have one of a Hong Kong Pepper which says that the writer is unsure what market they were made for. I’m thinking that the dolls manufactured in Hong Kong might have been for the British market maybe they even came from the same factory that manufactured Sindy’s for the next few years. Pedigree sought permission from Ideal to model Sindy on their Tammy but prior to and probably for some time after Sindy’s appearance Tammy dolls were sold in England. I was given my Tammy in 1965, after getting Sindy so I know that for a fact.

Tammy in cut and sew vintage fashion.
Tammy in cut and sew vintage fashion.

Misty and Tammy both came in vintage outfits which the seller described as “cut and sew” . I remember having something similar as a child, although different clothing. The outfits would come printed onto fabric and you cut them out like paper doll clothing and sewed them up. Under her dress Tammy had a nice little bikini which fit her very snugly.

Tammy in cut and sew bikini.
Tammy in cut and sew bikini.

I am sure that Tammy’s Mom and Dad will have their hands full with such a lot of teenage girls in the house. We’ll visit them soon and see what’s going on.


Further Reading:

http://www.harpiesbizarre.com/idealdolls.htm- good article mainly about Misty.

Collectors Guide to Tammy Identification and Values by Cindy Sabulis and Susan Weglewski


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