Fashion Doll Friday – Princess of the Danish Court Barbie – 2002

I picked a doll at random today. It’s getting hard, after three years to remember who has been on Fashion Doll Friday and who hasn’t so please bear with me if she’s been on before. Usually I check previous posts but I didn’t today.

Princess of the Danish Court Barbie was released in 2002. This is her in her original outfit. I bought mine loose and nude from eBay. She has the Mackie face on the older twist and turn body with ballerina arms.

I used to call this doll Amanda but decided it didn’t suit her so she needed a new name. As she is a Princess of the Danish Court I probably should have called her Mary but she’s not a brunette so I am going with Ophelia.

Ophelia is wearing a OOAK evening gown and coat which I bought from an eBay seller many years ago now. Sadly I don’t remember the sellers name but she did good work.

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  1. When I was 12 years old, I read ‘Nancy Drew’ mysteries and biographies of Madame Curie and Florence Nightingale and books about girls who love horses or go to nursing school. I belonged to the Girl Scouts and got A’s in school and rarely disobeyed my parents. I still kept a collection of Barbie dolls in my room, and I almost never spoke to boys. Now here’s my own site for more cool and relevant information.


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