What’s New At The Tammy House?

New Pepper and her friends Peace and Dodi are in the kitchen sharing an afternoon snack and listening to “American Top 40” on the radio.

New Pepper, Peace and Dodi
New Pepper, Peace and Dodi share a snack.

Meanwhile Standard Pepper and new friend Posin’ Pepper are being helpful by washing the dog. The cat will be next.

Pepper and Posin' Pepper
Pepper and Posin’ Pepper bath the dog.

Canadian Tammy is still taking guitar lessons and is talking about becoming a folk singer. English Tammy thinks that perhaps she should take a few singing lessons first.

Reliable Tammy & made in Hong Kong Tammy
Canadian Tammy is still taking guitar lessons .

The two standard Tammy’s are comparing their similar looks and wondering

“If we changed our hair and switched outfits would anyone notice?”

Mom overhears them “What do you think this is? The Patty Duke Show?”

Standard Ideal Tammy x 2
The girls discuss switching identities.

Outside Grown Up Tammy is trying to convince Misty to go on a ski trip with her. Misty just wants to know “Are there any handsome ski instructors?”

grown up Tammy and Posin Misty
“I hope the ski instructor is good looking.”

Mom and Dad are having a serious talk about how crowded the place is getting lately.

“I think we are going to have to ask the Tressy’s to move out.” says Mom.

Ideal Tammy Parents
Mom and Dad are worried.

The Tressy’s look like they are almost packed but are they really leaving? Could it be that easy? Where will they go?

Could it be this easy?
Could it be this easy?

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode of “What’s New at the Tammy House”.




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