Meet Dinah – A New Pedigree

Last Saturday Naomi and I met up for a day of  antique shopping. The Vintage and Retro market that I attended a few weeks ago was on again and this time Naomi was not working and was able to come as well.

This time although we saw a lot of interesting things we did not see any good doll or teddy related items. We had fun though and will continue to attend the market whenever we can.

Luckily the market is close to a big antique store in Bathurst Street which we have visited before so that was our next stop. Our interests range widely, if it’s old we’ll look at it so we enjoyed browsing art glass, china, furniture and other items before walking back down Bathurst Street towards are next stop. We popped into another interesting looking store but left without buying anything as we still hadn’t seen anything that screamed “Take me home”.

By this time it was well after 1pm so we stopped for lunch before walking up to another big antiques warehouse in Warwick St, almost into North Hobart. We’ve visited this place before and it is always packed full of interesting things. Naomi saw a retro style washing machine that she fell in love with but it was way out of our price range. I was luckier as she pointed out a couple of old dolls to me. The first one I picked up I could tell was probably made in the early 1960’s as her head and limbs were from that “rubbery” feeling plastic that a lot of dolls were being made from then. I estimated that she was around eighteen inches tall, I tend to think of dolls heights in inches rather than centimetres. She had all her eyelashes and although she had a few marks on her and had lost a few plugs of hair at the front she seemed in not bad condition. As I always do I looked for a makers mark and was very surprised to see “Pedigree” on her back. Surprised because I don’t often come across marked Pedigree dolls.

Naomi said to me,”I think she’ll be coming home with you.”  and she was right. I wasn’t letting her go after finding that mark as I have a soft spot for Pedigree dolls. The next best part, she was only $10.

I did look at the doll who was with her who was larger  to see if she had a makers mark too but could not see one. There were also two Kader babies, one very large one and one a similar size to my Christopher but with nicer colouring.  Naomi thought they were ugly and in truth some of those Kader babies do have a face only a mother could love. We each had one as children and that is the main reason we both sought a replacement, sentiment. I didn’t feel a desperate need for another one.

Anyway the next day I tidied Dinah, as I have decided to call her, up a bit. I gave her a light clean and can see that many of the brown marks on her body may not come off although I will try Oxy10 later. The main thing I wanted to do was to try and sort out her hair which was practically standing on end.

I did manage to comb some hair forward to make the missing plugs less obvious. I may have another go later as I bought some fabric softener which I think works a bit better than conditioner on the coarse Saran hair. Her dress has a couple of minor rips which can be mended but as Dinah has such a striking hair colour I’d really like to see her in something brighter. A bright blue or green perhaps.

Anyway, here is Dinah. I didn’t bother to take “before” pictures this time but will do some more later when she has a new outfit.

Dinah with an "I cut it myself" type fringe to disguise the missing plugs.
Dinah with an “I cut it myself” type fringe to disguise the missing plugs.
Pedigree approx 19 inches or 48cm. Rubbery limbs and head, blue sleep eyes.
Dinah is about 18-19 inches tall.
Thoughtful Dinah
Thoughtful Dinah
Dinah after her tidy up.
Dinah after her tidy up.

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