What’s New At The Tammy House ?

Pepper is "It".
Pepper is “It”.

The children are playing Hide’n’Seek. Original Pepper is “It” and has to find the others. Some of them are better at hiding than others.

New Pepper doesn't think anyone will look for her here.
New Pepper doesn’t think anyone will look for her here.

Out of Town Tammy has arrived for a visit. The girls are explaining to her that Mom is being very mean and not letting them have the big room upstairs. Out of Town Tammy really doesn’t want to get involved.

Naomi's Tammy comes for a visit.
Naomi’s Tammy comes for a visit.

Ideal Tammy is hoping that since Mom won’t see reason she can persuade Dad to take her side.

"Dad, can't you please talk to Mom?'
“Dad, can’t you please talk to Mom?’

Upstairs College Tammy and Misty have got their space nearly the way they want it. There is room for the sports gear and their clothes. Misty has found a cute outfit that the Tressy’s left behind.

"Ooh what a cute outfit. Who does it belong to?"
“Ooh what a cute outfit. Who does it belong to?”

Marissa has dropped by to ask if the Barbies can still use the room to dress for their fashion shows.

“Fine with me.” says College Tammy. Misty asks “Did one of your friends leave this here?” Can I try it on?”

Marissa doesn’t see why not. “Maybe we could get up a show for you girls later.” she suggests.

"Can I try this on?"
“Can I try this on?”

In the kitchen Mom is feeling rather annoyed. “Why is it that I am the only person in this family who ever remembers to feed the dog?’

"Why and I the only one that remembers to feed the dog?"
“Why am I the only one that remembers to feed the dog?”

Midge is sitting outside waiting for Marissa. She always feels vaguely uneasy at the Tammy House. Army Buddy finds her sitting there.

“I remember you.  I saw you on the “Soul Mates” website. I’ve never forgotten seeing you here at the Christmas party last year. You were amazing. How about having a drink with me some time?”

Midge doesn’t remember being amazing at that party let alone talking to Army Buddy. Now she’s worried.

“How about a drink sometime?”

And that’s what’s new at the Tammy House. Did you find the two Peppers, Peace and Dodi? Who had the best hiding place?

What's New at the Tammy House?
What’s New at the Tammy House?


  1. The plot thickens lol
    Do you know the origins of the side ward glance? It’s a feature of the original Barbie and the Tammys.
    My favorite doll with this facial feature is Modern Circle Melody. Do you have her? I also recently acquired the Fashion Fever Make-up chic brunette.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t have any of the Modern Circle dolls but my sister does have Modern Circle Ken.
      I didn’t know the origin of the sideward glance but thought it was such an interesting topic that I looked it up. The German fashion doll Bild Lilli had them and of course she was the inspiration for Barbie so that is probably the simple answer. Bild Lilli was originally a novelty doll for men not a toy so she was meant to look more sexy, something like Marlene Dietrich. However, I also read that the Shinto religion practised in Japan says that all things have a soul even dolls so they made dolls with side glancing eyes so they did not look directly at you.


  2. Thanks for sharing your research. I always thought the original Barbie was too “mature” for children, but read in your blog that girls aspire to a older role model. It’s illuminating that the inspiration for Barbie was a doll for men. I have a large collection of Asian bobble head dolls and my sister says their rhinestone eyes give her the creeps lol They all have front facing eyes.


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