Fashion Fever Closets – Part Nineteen – Wave D Green and Blue Closet

It’s time for another Fashion Fever Closet and this week we have a closet from Wave D which has a theme of greens and blues.

This is another one where I like the individual pieces but I’ve never been really sure how they are meant to go together.  My issue with this closet is that neither of the jackets work very well without something underneath them but the lacy blouse doesn’t really seem to fit well under a jacket. The tweedy jacket seems a tad wintry compared to the other pieces which look like they are meant for summer wear.

Oh well, that is just my opinion. Here is the full closet. Let’s see what Jan and the girls make of it.

Wave D Green Blue Closet
Wave D Green Blue Closet

The Models:

  • Jan –  Model Muse body
  • Midge – Twist and Turn body
  • Marissa – Fashionista articulated
  • Vicki – Fashion Fever body
  • Mona – Petite Fashionista

Jan is the Showrunner today and things are not going so well.  There are really too many models for such a small closet. Midge offers to drop out but Jan disagrees.

“You were left out last time. It wouldn’t be fair.”

The Fashions:

None of the girls are really happy about the clothes. Jan reminds the girls that the rules of the show are that apart from shoes only clothes from the closet can be worn.

” I know this is a difficult closet to do that with.” she tells them “but everyone try on all the clothes and let’s see if we can make it work.”

Everyone wants to wear  the blue dress, nobody wants to wear the itchy tweed jacket next to her skin.

Midge is fastest to grab the blue dress. She’s had enough of wardrobe malfunctions.

“Let’s see how it looks with the tweed jacket.” Jan calls out tossing it to her. Midge likes the dress but she can’t work out how to tie the jacket to keep it closed.

Mona and Vicki also get to try on the dress. It is a good fit on everyone.

However, the rest of the fitting doesn’t go so well. Vicki is very unhappy about her outfit. The skirt fits well and so does the jacket but she feels it’s much too revealing without a top under it.

Mona, who is new, is even more unhappy.

“This skirt is too big.” she complains, the skirt is rather an odd size and doesn’t fit her well round the waist and hips “and as for this other outfit I’m not wearing it. It’s horrible! The pants are too long and the top and jacket are all bunched up around my waist. I look like a hobo! There aren’t even any shoes that fit me. Call yourself a fashion stylist!” Mona is well named.

Midge does not have any real problems with the lacy blouse which, although snug, fits her quite well. The cropped pants are  a little loose but Midge has a tiny waist even for a twist and turn.  Marissa tries on the cropped pants which fit her well and the green jacket. She thinks it is a bit dressy with these pants and agrees with Vicki that it is pretty revealing worn this way but nothing much worries Marissa. She came to have fun and she’s having it.


Jan can see that if the show is going to go ahead she will need to make some exceptions to the rules or there will be mutiny.

She rummages in her closet for some  extra clothes and hands them out.

“Alright. This is what we’re going to do. Now that we’ve shown that the Closet doesn’t work without extra pieces we’ll show how nice it is with a few things added to it.”

This time around everyone is satisfied with their outfits.

Vicki is a lot happier now that she has a lace camisole to wear under her jacket. Marissa takes the skirt next and wears it with a cream Integrity label blouse and the tweed jacket. She doesn’t bother to try to tie it at the waist, she just knots it at the back. Both girls wear the green and gold heels and Marissa has a matching bag.

Mona still thinks that the pants are too long on her but they are a good fit otherwise. She wears the lace camisole and a pair of sneakers. Marissa wears the pants with a pale pink singlet top and  the gold boots from the closet.

Midge prefers the blue pencil skirt with the blouse to the rather loose cropped pants. She wears the gold boots with them.

“That looks nice Midge.” Marissa tells her. “You should wear it for your date with Doctor Patrick on Friday.”

Midge wears the blouse with a blue pencil skirt.
Midge wears the blouse with a blue pencil skirt.

Suddenly Vicki asks “Why aren’t you modelling anything Jan?”

Jan had not planned to appear in the show but there ought to be someone to show how the clothes look on her figure type. She can’t very well refuse. First she puts the green jacket over her Little Black Dress. The arms are a bit short on Jan but she doesn’t mind. Next she puts on a pinstriped skirt and when the girls ask her to wear the itchy tweed jacket she puts it on and somehow manages to do it up. Finally she tries on the lacy blouse. Jan of course can’t wear either the shoes or the boots.

Finally the girls gather together for a group photo. It has been a tough afternoon but they got the job done.

The girls gather fora group photo.
The girls gather fora group photo.


  1. I have this closet and adore its teal color scheme. It’s nice to see the components modeled on different body types. I haven’t played with it yet. Unlike you, I have a lot of my collection in boxes. Midge look fab as usual and like a fashion doll even though she’s Aviator Barbie. Looking forward to her next date 🙂


    • I always want to play with mine so very few outfits and dolls don’t get de-boxed.They take up less room that way too although I do wish I’d started photographing them and keeping them together in sets better when I started collecting. I guess I never thought how much stuff I’d have after twenty years or more of collecting Barbie.


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