The Hobart Doll Show 2016

The Hobart Doll Show is on again this weekend and on Saturday morning I once again took a walk up to the Hellenic Hall in North Hobart. This year I had Naomi for company.

The show is put on by The Hobart Doll Club. This is a club for collectors and makers of porcelain dolls and the show is their annual competition.

Making porcelain dolls is really an art and I do admire the people who do it. However, although these dolls are beautifully made my real love is play dolls so what I really enjoy at the doll show is going around the various stalls of dolls and doll related items that are always on sale there.

Naomi was very happy to see that there were some teddy bears on sale as she collects them. Although she hadn’t planned to buy anything she couldn’t pass by a lovely old 1940’s Polish bear. I looked at a couple of big Pedigree girls but hesitated because I already have Marilyn and also because Naomi had found a Pedigree doll for me at the Tip Shop a couple of days earlier, more about that in a separate post. I spotted a 1:6 scale horse which I thought would work well in my Sindy display until I can get a proper Sindy horse.  The horse came with a fashion doll, unmarked but articulated. She looks a little like a Steffi Love. I didn’t really need the doll but they came as a set so I bought them both. There are some jumps as well and she can ride the horse. I can have some fun with this and have an idea for a blog post I’m going to work on next week.

After I had looked at the stalls I got my camera out to photograph some of the entries in the porcelain doll competition and some of the stalls to share with you. I also met Rachel, a fellow doll collector from Hobart who I’ve met online but not in person. That was a total coincidence but very nice. It’s the first time I’ve met anyone outside of close friends and family who reads this blog. Hope you like the pictures Rachel. 🙂

This one was my favourite of the porcelain dolls although she is plainly not a doll you could ever play with.

Gypsy fortune teller doll.
Gypsy fortune-teller doll.

Here is an entry in the cloth doll section.

Cloth Doll Tableau.
Cloth Doll Tableau.

Here are a group of indigenous dolls . I really liked the faces of some of these as well.

Indigenous porcelain dolls.
Indigenous porcelain dolls.

Here are some vintage dolls on a stall.

vintage Shirley Temple and dark skinned toddler.
vintage Shirley Temple and dark-skinned toddler.

This is Fi Fi a Sindy/Tammy clone doll who we were told was from Germany.

Sindy clone Fi Fi from Germany.
Sindy clone Fi Fi from Germany.

Dolls house furniture.

Dolls House furniture.
Dolls House furniture.





  1. Hello l went to the Hobart doll show too. Travelled there from Melbourne.My friend Karen and Juli.Shame we could have met.
    Kind Regards Juli


  2. Your photos are wonderful, I always enjoy reading your blog. So glad we ran into each other, maybe at next year’s show we will have time to catch up over a cuppa 🙂


    • Hi Rachel thanks for your message. I will try to be better organised next year and post about the show ahead of time so I can try to meet up with you. I hope your mum found something she liked after missing out on Polish teddy. He will have lots of new teddy friends at Naomi’s place.


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