Daily Prompt: Expert

I wrote this piece for My Other Blog for a Daily Prompt Challenge but thought I’d share it with my doll readers as well.

Our Other Blog: Two Sisters and Two Points of View

via Daily Prompt: Expert

Expert – Who Me?

Whenever people contact me through my doll blog to ask for information about something doll related my first reaction is to be flattered, my second is surprise. I don’t consider myself an expert in any area of doll collecting but apparently others do because I blog about it. I get a lot of comments from readers in Canada especially and can’t help wondering how a person in Australia got to be considered an expert on Canadian dolls! I do like them however so keep the questions coming, we might all learn something.

Netta dolls My Netta and Metti dolls

Although it makes me feel good it also makes me feel a sense of responsibility towards the people who read the blog.

I try to find out as much as I can about a subject I want to write about and I include links to…

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