The Sad Story of Little Tommy

I don’t believe I’ve ever told the story of the only Little Tommy doll I ever bought.  It was back in the late 1990’s and Naomi and I were just starting to collect fashion dolls. At the time there were a lot of Barbie’s and Kens that we liked being released so we were buying those as well as searching markets and second-hand shops for older ones.

We still lived in South Australia then and were only a few suburbs away from each other so we would get together more often  on a weekend if neither of us was working.  Anyway, to get on with the story, I had bought Doctor Ken and Patient Tommy and taken them round to Naomi to show her. I deboxed them and planned to keep Ken and give Tommy to my little niece Emma who was just old enough to have discovered Barbie. The Kelly and Friends dolls were very popular around this time with younger children so I thought she would like him. I put Tommy in my bag so that I would remember to take him home and left it on a chair while Naomi and I went off to do something else.

Doctor Ken and Little Tommy 1997 photo from the internet.
Doctor Ken and Little Tommy 1997 photo from the internet.

Some time later we returned and noticed that there were bits of pink stuff all over the floor. At first we couldn’t work out what it was although we could see it was plastic. Then I found a scrap of red and white material

“It’s Little Tommy!” I shouted.

Tommy - Dr Ken couldn't save him. Photo from internet
Tommy – Dr Ken couldn’t save him. Photo from internet

It was, Naomi had two terrier dogs at that time and one or possibly both of them had discovered Tommy in the bag and for some reason thought that it would be fun to play with him. There was absolutely nothing left of him but tiny pieces of plastic.

The Suspects
The Suspects taken a few years later.

We were stunned, these dogs were not puppies and they were not usually in the habit of taking things like that. If they had been I would not have left the bag where I did. We think that Stacie, the one on the right probably took him out of my bag, she was always interested in the contents of our shopping bags but that it was probably Teddy, on the left, who did the deed. Or maybe they had a tug-o-war with him.

So that’s why Emma did not get a Little Tommy doll for her birthday. I think I got her some Barbie sized furniture instead.

Naomi, of course, managed to see the funny side of it and could not stop laughing at my reaction. She still does when Little Tommy is mentioned to this day.




  1. I recall some time ago I had a monster high doll and my dog (whose never had a doll munching problem) tried to steal her away. He seemed to really like the smell of her hair and thought it was a toy for him. I put her up in time to prevent any serious damage. I find it strange he was only attracted to the certain doll, perhaps it was made in a factory with doggie toys? Who knows! Thanks for sharing the story


  2. Poor Tommy indeed. Animals seem to consider Barbie dolls very tasty, since I often come across dolls with limbs chewn beyound recognition on my fleamarket prowls.


    • Luckily Naomi’s present dogs Toby and Teddy have not developed a taste for dolls although Toby knows that you can hold Barbie shoes for ransom if you grab them when they fall on the floor and trade them for treats.

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  3. I’ll never forget Vanda’s face when she saw what my dogs Stacey Lee and Teddy had done to Little Tommy. There was nothing left but his head and part of his shirt. Vanda’s eyes were out on stalks honestly. I know they were very naughty but to this day I can’t help but see the funny side of it.


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