Amazing Amy – The Hypochondriac Doll

I must say that while I like the idea of an interactive doll my experiences with them so far have not been happy ones.

Several years ago I bought “Amazing Amy” by Playmates at Salamanca market. I think I paid about $30 for her. The first Amazing Amy was released in 1998 and since then Playmates have released other interactive dolls such as “Amazing Allysen”and “Amazing Amanda”.

Amy had been well looked after and had most of her food items so I was keen to try her out at home.

Amy had a habit of turning herself on automatically, I think I messed up her programming,  and we were startled a few times hearing her voice coming from the doll room. I could live with that but what I could not live with was Amy’s manners and her hypochondria.  When she was given her vegetables  or something else she did not want to eat she would say “Eww! Mommy.” or “No way Mommy.” I’m sure many mothers can relate to that and on its own I probably would not have been too bothered although I certainly would have been told off for that as a child. Keep in mind that I have never had children of my own so maybe I am not very tolerant.   Some of you may think that I’m being silly about this but it annoyed me very much. I never heard my Amy say please or thank you although apparently she does have these words in her vocabulary. I mentioned this to some other doll collectors I had met online.They thought that she sounded cute. I didn’t find her cute.

However, the most disturbing thing about Amy was that she would often ask for medicine! It was the request I heard most often and I felt like Amy was some kind of hypochondriac doll.

When all was said and done not only did I not love Amy I actively disliked her so I sold her on to someone with a little girl who probably had lots of fun with her.

I looked for a photo of Amy. I know I took some of her but I think I deleted it after I sold her so here is a YouTube video instead. It’s quite long.


Apparently I am not the only one that Amy brought out the worst in.


  1. Lol, a whining hypchondriac, just what everyone needs in their lives, so not. I wonder how long this doll plague was on the market?

    I don’t like whiny children either and my kids learned early, that whining did not get them what they wanted. It’s not asked to much of a child that can speak, to say please and thank you either. If she would say please when she wants something, she would be a great way to teach children good manners.

    I’m not a fan of her face though and that hole in her chest makes her look a little cyborg.


  2. I’m way surprised they allowed a doll on the market that would not eat her veggies. All the do gooders out there would be worrying their silly heads off saying she encouraged bad eating habits. One thing I did like about Amy. Then again maybe she was full up on medicine so she could not eat her veggies.

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    • Yes, that was odd considering that normally people go mad about dolls being a bad example to girl, racist and what have you but Amy only wanted to eat her hot dog or cookie and she had a drug habit!


    • Hi Donna, I know these dolls were very popular when they were first released as they were the most interactive dolls around. Just not my cup of tea I’m afraid. As well as Amazing Amy that I had I know there was an Amazing Ally who was an older child. I’ll look it up and see who else they had.


  3. I loved Amy, yes she did whine a lot but i loved that about her, I brought her for my daughter who at the time was 3 i think, i had more fun with amy then she did, i finally left her when i moved out of my house i think my daughter was about 15 then, i hate now that i left amy there, i’m now looking for her for my 3 yr old grand daughter

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