The Dolls Now Departing

The dolls now departing
The dolls now departing

Recently I wrote about the big bag of dolls I was given and what I was planning to do with them. The selections have now been made and these are the ones who will be heading to the Op Shop where I hope they will make some child, or possibly doll collector happy.

Strawberry Shortcake cleaned up very well. I just don’t collect dolls from this era. The two little porcelain ones I just don’t have room for on the porcelain doll shelf.


Remember Baby Bratz Yasmin? I still think she is ugly but at least she has a new outfit which makes her look a bit less trampy.

I was tempted to keep the little Tinker Toys doll but I really don’t have the room so he’s been given a new outfit from my stash. I hope he will get a good home.

Dressed for departure
Dressed for departure

You may not recognise the tall doll. She is not from the bag. I’ve had her several years. I decided to keep the other little doll I had taken home from the Op Shop to clean up so she is a swap. She is marked Tyco Industries and I had always thought that she was a dancer doll but to my surprise she is “Mommy’s Having A Baby” circa 1992. Apparently this doll was sold with a baby in a pouch under her maternity dress. I don’t have this and she just looks like a normal doll although I did wonder why she had a ring on. When I bought her around 15 years or so ago I was not able to research her very well and it was only today that I  decided to look her up before she left me for the last time. I doubt her new owner will care though.

Doll marked Tyco Industries Inc "Mommy's Having a Baby" 1992

Doll marked Tyco Industries Inc “Mommy’s Having a Baby” 1992



  1. Ok her hubby ran out on her and she had an abortion! Dolls looking much better. I wonder if they all ran around at night yelling out “Doll cull! Doll Cull!” Shades of Toy Story.


    • I hope not! I’d feel guilty about letting them go . We’ve decided to save them for 22 October as we will be part of the Garage Sale Trail. I still have to try to fix Baby Alive before that.


  2. You did a great job resvuing them and I’m sure someone will totally love them soon. It’s amazing they got away with selling a pregnant doll with such a childlike face, at least they didn’t call her teen mum.

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    • I know, I was really surprised to find out what she was as without the pregnant belly she just looks like a child doll. I kept her as a companion for my Ideal Chrissy who is the same size. Chrissy has Giggles for company now.


  3. saw her on he same site I found my pregnant Midge and clone. Sadly there was a teen mother doll too. Some places still have them. think the baby looked like her w/o the hair. I was trying to find the name of Midges husband since it wasn’t Allan .They are leasing the doll house while Barbie went to a Civil War reenactment (when my 35th ann. Barbie arrived w/o anything and) all I had suitable to put on her birthday suit for her birthday was Scarlet O’Hara’s fancy red dress. Scarlet was supposed to get a green one for St.Patrick’s Day but it’s arriving late.

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