Fashion Doll Friday – Teresa Fashion Show 2004

Today’s doll is one you will have seen quite often in my Fashion Fever posts modelling outfits. I bought her nude because I liked her auburn hair but I never knew who she was until today.

It turns out she was a good choice of model as she is Teresa Fashion Show from 2004. On her original outfit she had a shirt that lights up. I always wondered why she had a battery compartment.

Teresa in her original outfit. Photo from the internet.
Teresa in her original outfit. Photo from the internet.


  1. Agree she’s done a great job and now we know why 🙂 I got the blond Barbie Fashion Show and I thought she had one of the nicest face sculpts and make up I’ve seen on a Barbie, her hair had black roots in an updo. I sold her on ebay since I focus on brunette dolls. BTW I’m very excited about the upcoming release of two pivotal dolls: Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll (Brunette) and The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Pool Chic. They are back-ordered but I’m really psyched about getting more mid-range priced dolls that are articulated.


  2. All of the three Fashion Show dolls look great. I love the soft coloring of Teresa’s make-up. There is another Teresa with a similar coloring: Chair Flair Teresa from around 2002, I think. She might be up your alley as well.

    Back in the day I only found Christie in the store and I was very lucky to find Barbie and Teresa in great condition and with all of their accessories at fleamarkets.


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