Fashion Doll Friday – Brunette Palitoy Tressy

You can’t keep the Tressy’s down! Today’s doll is Naomi’s brunette Tressy wearing an original Tressy shift dress. This outfit should actually be on honey blonde Tressy so I will have to photograph her wearing it another day. It needs the gold chain belt so I am looking out for one and also for several pairs of Tressy sized shoes.



  1. She looks great, what a lovely doll. Naomi is very lucky.

    I never had a Tressy doll, but there a are some Tressy outfits among my childhood treasures. I always thought Tressy and vintage Barbie could share shoes, because some of these outfits came with open toe shoes that looked like vintage Barbie’s and they fit Barbie perfectly.


    • I found out that it wasn’t that easy when I tried to put my cousin’s Barbie’s shoes on Tressy. Her feet are a slightly different shape. Barbie can wear Tressy’s shoes I think because her feet are slightly smaller. The shoes did look very similar but I’ve split Barbie shoes trying to get them on Tressy.


  2. Another Tressy! Does her mechanism for the hair still function? I have one, but I haven’t posted it yet, hair got stuck no keys to make them come out. How can you tell if it’s Palitoy?


    • We don’t have any Tressy keys so we haven’t tried the mechanism to see if it still works. Will have to look into getting or making one I think. The best way to tell is to look for doll marks. The American Character ones are marked. The first few Palitoy ones were also marked American Character but after that were generally unmarked. The first AC Tressy was a V Leg doll but all the Palitoy Tressy’s had straight legs. Here is a link to a site with good photos of each version of both Palitoy and AC.

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    • Oh I didn’t do that to her Barbie shoes, that was later experiments trying to find something that would fit her. I wouldn’t try it with vintage Barbie shoes now although possibly the hot water trick might help by making them more flexible.


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