The Tressy Fashion Show

The Tressy’s, as they are very fond of reminding everyone, are fashion dolls. They get very annoyed that the Barbies and even the Sindy’s get to show of their fashions on the blog regularly.

The problem is that until recently I only had one genuine Tressy outfit so doing a fashion shoot for them was not really practical.

Recently though I acquired a couple more outfits for them and so without further ado here is the Tressy Fashion Show.

The Models

My Dolls:

  • Palitoy Tressy –  my original “mean” childhood Tressy
  • American Character Tressy  – V leg Tressy who cannot sit like a lady.

Naomi’s Dolls:

  • Blonde Tressy – An unmarked Tressy who looks a lot like my Tressy so she may be a Palitoy Tressy as well.
  • Honey Blonde Tressy – Another Palitoy Tressy.
  • Brunette Tressy – Also a Palitoy Tressy

The Fashions

First we have Palitoy Tressy in a black and white houndstooth check double-breasted coat with black fur collar. Tressy was featured on Fashion Doll Friday wearing this.

Underneath it she wears a high-necked fuchsia dress. These two pieces are part of an outfit called “Winter Journey”. It should be worn with black ankle boots and the accessories for it are a black handbag, blue luggage and a ticket to ride. I believe this is a Palitoy fashion for Tressy or at least the Palitoy version and the British and American ones sometimes differed.

Palitoy Tressy in double breasted Tressy coat.
Palitoy Tressy in double breasted Tressy coat.
Tressy modelling a shift dress and double breasted coat.
My original Palitoy Tressy modelling a shift dress and double-breasted coat.
Luggage that goes with the outfit
Luggage that goes with the outfit

V-Leg Tressy is next wearing another Palitoy Tressy fashion called “In The Office” The red tunic over the blue/green tartan blouse does look very British. The outfit should have black pumps and came with several accessories. A notepad and pen for taking shorthand, a tiny book that might be either a dictionary or a diary. I can’t quite make it out from the photo. A dictaphone (high-tech Tressy) and a tiny typewriter which looks a bit out of scale to me but at least it is black.

V Leg Tressy in "In the Office".
V Leg Tressy in “In the Office”.

“Evening Date” is the name of the only Tressy outfit I owned as a child. I thought it very glamorous. I don’t have the original outfit any more but a few years ago was able to pick one up although it is minus the blue rosette trim. Tressy should have  a “fur” stole, white, heeled pumps, long white gloves and a gold purse to go with this outfit.

Brunette Tressy is modelling the original Tressy shift dress worn by the Palitoy dolls. This turquoise one should actually be on honey blonde Tressy and would be worn with white heeled shoes if I remember correctly, the dress had a gold chain belt which I always thought was rather cool. On chilly days she slips on a warm woolen coat with oversized buttons. This is most likely a home-made coat but very well done. I remember my mum having coats with big buttons like this in the sixties.

Finally Naomi’s blonde Tressy would like you to see a non Tressy fashion that she recently acquired. This is a OOAK outfit which until recently was being worn by Vintage Midge.

American Character Tressy in an OOAK red coat and matching hat .
American Character Tressy in a OOAK red coat and matching hat .


Tressy Fashion Links:

These are the sites I used to ID my outfits.



  1. You just have to love vintage fashions, they are so detailed. I do have that little typewriter from the office set, but my office set has a totally different outfit: aqua pencil skirt and matching bolero jacket and a white sleeveless blouse with lace across the chest. It also came with pencil, notepad, the typewriter, very neat black foldable glasses and the book, which is a dictionary in my set. I remember the package was like the “cardboard frame” packages from the vintage Barbie fashions, so mine must have been the American version or an eralier one, I guess.

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