Maori Doll

I wasn’t expecting to bring any dolls home from Adelaide when I visited family there recently. I already have the Scottish dolls that were given to my sisters in law by their great-aunt. However, when I went to visit David’s uncle and aunt I was given a doll dressed as a Maori. Liz got the doll on holidays years ago. She said she’d put it aside for me after our last visit.

Doll dressed in Maori costume.
Doll dressed in Maori costume.

Maori doll’s clothing has been glued onto her so looking for makers marks without damaging it was a bit difficult. She looks an older doll and I know Liz had her for many years. On her back she’s marked Hong Kong. My guess would be that she was a generic brand from Hong Kong and was dressed in her costume which looks hand-made. A lot of Australian dolls made by Metti were dressed by locals in places like New Guinea in regional costumes.


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