Fashion Fever Closets Part Twenty Two – Party Dress Closet

Welcome to another Fashion Fever Closet fashion show. This week we have a closet which had three party dresses for Barbie and an outfit for Ken.

Here is the closet.

Party Dress Closet
Party Dress Closet

The Showrunner

Jan has been running around town trying to organise the photo shoot.
Jan has been running around town trying to organise the photo shoot.

Jan is the showrunner today and she is a little flustered because she can’t find a male model. Eventually, with the help of her friend Bonnie, she tracks down Mark who cannot come to the shoot but is happy to be photgraphed.

Jan then rushes back to meet the girls only to discover that she is one model short. She turns to Bonnie for help again.

"You have to help me". begs Jan.
“You have to help me”. begs Jan.

“You have to help me. Model one of the dresses.”

Bonnie is not so sure. She is a bit of a tomboy and although she has appeared with her friends a couple of times she doesn’t really think of herself as model material. “Why don’t you ask Midge to do it?” she suggests.

“No time!” says Jan and before she knows it Bonnie is getting ready to model the dress Jan is thrusting at her.

Jan won't take no for an answer.
Jan won’t take no for an answer.

Bonnie is a bit concerned that the dress is not going to fit her properly as she is full figured but Jan reassures her.

” It will be fine and you look nice in mauve.”

Bonnie knows better than to waste her breath arguing with Jan about clothes and manages to adjust the dress to fit.

Bonnie is not sure the dress will fit.
Bonnie is not sure the dress will fit.

The Models:

  • Bonnie – TNT body
  • Amy – Model Muse body
  • Sharon – Fashion Fever body.
  • Mark – Doctor Ken

The Fashions:

First here is Mark wearing the shirt, jeans and sneakers from the closet. Mark has the older type body so this outfit fits him nicely.

Mark in Fashion Fever closet outfit
Mark in the Ken outfit from the closet.

Amy is next in a dress in shades of blue and light green. Jan has supplied matching shoes as the closet only came with one pair of shoes.

Amy in the blue, green dress.
Amy in the blue, green dress.

Next comes Sharon who wears a pink dress with handkerchief hem. Sharon has the shoes and bag from the closet and everything of course fits her perfectly.

Sharon in the pink dress and shoes.
Sharon in the pink dress and shoes.

Finally Bonnie enters wearing the mauve halter dress and matching shoes supplied by Jan. She feels that she has narrowly escaped a wardrobe malfunction and says that she would certainly not be doing anything too energetic in this dress.

Bonnie in the mauve dress.
Bonnie in the mauve dress.

The girls gather for the traditional after shoot photos. Jan is relieved that everything worked out in the end.

*Note – apologies for the poor quality of Mark’s photo which is an old one. His portrait was cropped from another picture.



  1. I love Jan’s sophisticated look which suits her role as the showrunner. Where did her outfit come from? I like that this closet includes an outfit for a male doll since it’s hard to find suitable clothing for them.


    • I was pleased about that too and it is quite a nice Ken outfit although not as dressy as the girls outfit. Never mind Ken has too many tuxedo’s already. As for Jan’s outfit I bought it loose from eBay but it was issued on a Barbie that I can’t for the life of me remember at the moment. I should know it as I bought Naomi the same doll for a birthday present around 1999-2000, just before the Belly Button body came in I think. I’m going to have to look it up now or it is going to bug me so I’ll be back later with the anser to that I hope :-). Jan adores clothes so she always likes to look good. She has a friendly rivalry with Vivienne who is a bit older and more experienced as to who can run the best show.


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