Vintage Visitors – Barbie and Friends Part Two

As promised, in this post I’ll introduce you to a few more of Naomi’s vintage Barbie dolls who are from the Superstar era.

Malibu Barbie 1975

We’ll start with a nice example of the Superstar face. This one is marked “Made in the Philippines”. She is wearing her original outfit of a red one piece, halter neck swimsuit and a straw hat. It took me a while to find her online as I thought that the Superstar face did not appear until 1977 but she is actually slightly older than that, she is Malibu Barbie of 1975. I think that must be one of the first appearances of that face mold. I was also under the impression that Barbie was made in the Philippines from 1978-88 not as early as 1975. Doll detective work is full of surprises. Some websites I’ve looked at show a slightly different Malibu Barbie for 1975 so I’m wondering if there was a transitional process going on as production was winding down in Korea and beginning in the Philippines or it could be that this one is a foreign issue Barbie. I have included a link to some photos of other Malibu Barbies of that era at the end of this post.

Happy Birthday Barbie 1981

This one was easy to ID. She came with a swing tag that said “Happy Birthday Barbie 1981”. This would be her original outfit too although possibly not the ribbon. There is a picture of a boxed doll at the end of this post.

Ken  circa1983

Here is an older Ken from about 1983. I haven’t been able to find out much about him but judging by his outfit he was probably dressed as a bridegroom or to escort Barbie to some smart function. This Ken face was used up to about 1990 but the thick eyebrows make me think that he is earlier than that.

Cool Crimp Kevin 1995

Last but not least here is Kevin, he was Skipper’s boyfriend and was made from 1990-95. In fact there were half a dozen versions of Kevin during this time and he had three separate fashions of his own. There is a good article about Kevin on the “Keeping Ken” website and i have included a link to it at the end of this post.

This Kevin is “Cool Crimp Kevin” from  1995  . As he has painted hair you couldn’t actually crimp it like Skipper and her friends but apparently the crimping tool could be used to stamp patterns on his head.


Further Information


  1. The Hair Ribbon on Birthday Barbie might be a piece from Pretty Changes Barbie, She had hair accessories in that same yellow nylon fabric.

    Ken looks interesting. I never noticed such dark eyebrows on blonde Kens, so that might be a clue to finding his identity.


  2. Hi, I have a question about this Barbie Malibu with a Superstar face. I know it came out with two different brands: Philippines and Taiwan. This photo, Philippines, does it have a straight cut or with a joint (like Twist ‘N Turn)? I am very grateful if you can confirm this. Thanks and congratulations for the site,


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