Fashion Doll Friday – Male Fashion Doll by Simba

Male fashion doll from 2003-4 by Simba. His hair has been repainted.
Male fashion doll from 2003-4 by Simba. His hair has been repainted.

This is Paul, a male fashion doll who belongs to Naomi. I believe he came out of a set called “Happy Family” or something similar with a female doll and a child. He was liberated from his box to live the single life with the other male fashion dolls.

Simba sold this doll or one very like it for several years in the early to mid 2000s under the name of Kevin Dressman. He was the boyfriend of Steffi Love and came as a blonde, brunette or with black hair. Paul is a ginger as he has had a repaint which I think suits him. He’s a solid and well made doll with nice features. Later Kevin’s were made of a lighter plastic and don’t feel as sturdy.

Kevin is still being made today and has now been given an articulated body but I have not seen any of these on sale in Australia as yet. Simba have released a couple of outfits for him, very basic T-shirt and jeans type outfits.

I don’t have any really good photos of Naomi’s Simba boys as I did not have a very good camera when I started taking these pictures so one day a project will be to take some better ones.


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