Fashion Fever Closets – Part Twenty Four – Wave D Closet

The Wave D Closet
The Wave D Closet

This Wave D closet is more party wear and is mostly separates. I like the pink dress, the tops are nice although rather flimsy.

The Showrunner:

Jan ready to perform.
Jan ready to perform.

Jan is in charge this week and already there is a minor drama. The silver clutch bag is missing and she has forgotten to bring the spare shoes. The girls will have to make do with the two pairs from the closet.

Jan’s has persuaded Midge to model again this week. Midge has been very busy lately and Jan has not seen a lot of her. She’s also asked another old school chum, Sandy to come along. Sandy thinks modelling will be a lark. The third model is Maddy who was recommended by Vivienne.

The Models:

  • Midge – Twist and Turn articulated body
  • Sandy – Fashionista articulated body
  • Maddy – Model Muse body

The Fashions:

Sandy is first and is hamming it up for the camera running on the spot, dancing and doing her Marcel Marceau “Walking Against The Wind ” impersonation. She wears grey cropped denim jeans a taffeta like pink, pleated halter top and the pink platform sandals. As her measurements are not that different from a Fashion Fever doll everything fits her well.

Midge is next in the pink dress with the white fur jacket. Surprisingly she has trouble getting the shoes on. The dress fits well although it is rather snug across her back. Midge has the pink handbag from the closet although Jan says this is really too large for an evening bag.

Maddy is modelling the silver skirt with a floral top which is open at the front. The skirt is a little loose on the Model Muse body but worn low on the hip it is fine. Maddy of course cannot wear the shoes but she says that she would be carrying them after a night of clubbing  anyway.

Jan now wants to move to a different location and for the girls to exchange outfits so after a mad scramble to swap clothing they pose again.

This time Midge wears the jeans with the floral top. She was nervous about this outfit as Fashion Fever tops often don’t fit her well but it was fine and the jeans also seemed to fit fairly well as did the platform sandals.

Sandy kept her pink top but now wears it with the skirt and the fur jacket while Maddy wears the pink dress.

Finally the girls pose for the traditional group photo.

Sandy, Midge, Jan and Maddy.
Sandy, Midge, Jan and Maddy.


  1. What pretty party clothes – I like the sheer floral top and the dress best. They are part of a set I own with a Kira doll and closet.


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