Fashion Fever Closets – Part Twenty Five – Party Closet White Dress

Another party dress closet
Another party dress closet

Today we have another party themed closet. This one has two dresses plus a skirt, halter top, pants and jacket. When I was checking this photo to see if I had all the pieces I discovered that the skirt and top were in a bag on their own. In fact they have been featured before in a previous Fashion Fever post of solo outfits.  I could not find the silver purse or phone although I am sure I have them somewhere.

The Showrunner:

Vivienne is the Showrunner today and as usual she is organised with spare shoes for the models. This is a small closet so she has elected to use just three models today.

Vivienne in a Fashion Avenue suit.
Vivienne in a Fashion Avenue suit.

The Models:

  • Erin – Model Muse body
  • Alison – Twist and Turn body
  • Kylie – Fashion Fever body

The Fashions:

Erin is first wearing a white dress with gathering and blue trim. Vivienne has found a pair of matching sandals as Erin can’t wear the shoes from the closet. The dress is a good fit on Erin.

white dress
Erin in the white dress

Alison is next in the pale mauve dress. She wears the fur-trimmed white jacket over it. The jacket is made of a vinyl type material and is not too bad a fit on Alison despite her having the older body type. The shoes from the closet were also missing so she has a similar pair.

mauve dress and fur trimmed jacket.
Alison in the mauve dress and fur-trimmed jacket.

Kylie is next and as a Fashion Fever girl she has no trouble wearing the halter top and skirt that caused Vivienne so much trouble the day she was Jan’s model. The boots are a perfect fit of course and she wears the sunglasses from the closet.

Vivienne asks Alison if she will try this outfit on as well and surprisingly it seems to fit. There was no way that Vivienne was able to do that top up when she wore it so perhaps Alison is slightly smaller around the bust line despite being the same body type.

Next Erin is back wearing the long pants with the jacket. I had thought that these were silver but actually they are a very, very pale mauve. These pants are a good fit on the Model Muse body.

Erin in the jacket and long pants.
Erin in the jacket and long pants.

Kylie returns wearing the white dress which of course fits her perfectly but the white shoes borrowed from Erin are rather loose.

Kylie models the white dress.
Kylie models the white dress.

As this will probably be her last appearance as Showrunner Vivienne decides to model the mauve dress herself. It is snug at the back but she can do it up.

Vivienne models the mauve dress.
Vivienne models the mauve dress.

Afterwards the girls gather as usual for some group shots.

The group shot
The group shot
Vivienne with her models
Vivienne with her models


  1. Fashion shows featuring FF closets are my favorite so it was quite a treat to see two over the Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 While the current Barbie Complete Look packs are not as well made, I have a number of them. Would you ever consider them?


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