gallery Fashion Doll Friday – Ideal Tammy’s Dad

As we’ve had a bit of a male theme for the last couple of Fridays I thought we’d continue today with Tammy’s Dad. I think he has a kindly face and I bet that Tammy can twist him around her little finger. Does anyone know if he has a name?



  1. Love Tammy’s dad, at our house he’s a twin, his brother wears an extra Gone with the wind Civil war uniform. He makes a stately officer. Since I have only one Tammy’s mom this uncle is single, he was dating Cher, then she joined the cast of Wicked/Wizard of Oz (and is now dating the Tin man) So he’s up for grabs again. I have a lot of tall blondes vying for his attention ,but the faces don’t look as sweet as Tammys mom. ! might consider Melanie Scarlet o’harra”s best friend,Her dress even matches his uniform.Does anyone know petty middle aged dolls besides Tammys mom, I think I’m getting a third Father in this weeks new e-bay lot.


    • If he doesn’t want to date a younger woman he could consider Rosie O’Donnell although she’d be much shorter or Happy Families Grandma who has a sweet face even though she is grey haired. He’s probaby better off without Cher. She would probably have been too flirty for him.


      • Not to mention I recently got a Sonny who seems happiest between Farrah and Cher#2…I think the Happy families grandma might replace Rosie for Mrs. Santa,,but I did see something promising in the Remco family. Both Dr. John’s wife Lisa and daughter Judy are lovely. as I have yet to aquire little sister Libby am likely to get a duplicate mom or sister in the mix. OR the absolutely gorgeous Jakks doll I call Jolene. I’m also looking for aged versions of Ken and Barbie i.e.;Professor Higgins,Heart family grandparents, as I think not just the kids should have fun..


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