A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue – Episode 1, Part Two


Today we have the continuation of Jan and Vivienne’s fashion show where we will see more sets of Fashion Avenue jeans and pants.

The Showrunners

Jan and Vivienne Showrunners
Jan and Vivienne Showrunners

This is Vivienne’s collection.

Vivienne’s Models are:

    • Julia – Model Muse body
    • Alex – Integrity Poppy Parker articulated
    • Rachel – Twist and Turn body
    • Penny – Belly Button body

Jan’s Models are:

      • Juliet – articulated twist and turn body
      • Bonnie – generic articulated body
      • Lisa – belly button (Fashion Fever) body
      • Erin – Model Muse body

The Fashions

Vivienne preferred not to have her models swap outfits but rather to concentrate on some details.

Julia is first wearing  an outfit called “Red Hot in Rio” from the Metro series of 2002. It is red glitter pants and a black and white halter top with a gold design. This outfit was a good fit on Julia including the shoes. I didn’t do them up at the back but I think that they would have fitted around Julia’s ankles. The bag and sunglasses are MIA but probably in my box of odd accessories. After the main shoot is finished Vivienne asks Rachel to model the same outfit to demonstrate how the top looks on a fuller figure.

Next is Alex wearing an outfit called “Seattle Latte” from the Style series of 2000. This fits Alex reasonably well considering that she is an Integrity doll. I think the jeans are a little short in the leg for her. The shoes and bag from this outfit are MIA but Alex could not have worn the shoes anyway.

Penny is next. Her outfit is one of the later ones from 2003 and is one of the Style series but does not have a name. It is a good fit on Penny as it was designed for the belly button body.

Rachel follows Penny in an older outfit that I’ve not been able to date as yet. The sleeveless vest is identical in design to the 1999 one from the set with black jeans from the previous shoot. I believe this was one of the earlier outfits I bought for my modern Barbies so it probably dates from 1997-99. I haven’t been able to find a photo of this outfit online so far. This is a good fit on Rachel but the jeans would barely do up at the back on the belly button girls. This outfit also comes with boots which are made of a stiffer material and have high heels. None of the dolls with hard legs can wear them.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the denim jeans from this period are nicely made in real denim and even have real front pockets and belt loops. Howerver, the heavy denim is not very flattering as it doesn’t sit as well as the lighter fabrics. I give Mattel big points for trying though.

Alex is back for the last shot. She is wearing a “Rock Star” outfit from 2002. You may recognise the guitar. Marissa sometimes plays it. Alex cannot wear the shoes but everything else fits well although Alex is embarrassed about the top. She doesn’t want the Integrity people to see her wearing a top that says “Barbie” and keeps trying to hide it.

Vivienne’s group pose for their photo and everyone agrees that both shoots have been a great success. The friendly rivalry between the two showrunners makes them both try harder.

Vivienne’s outfit, in case you were wondering is an older Barbie jumpsuit which I haven’t been able to ID yet but it is pre- Fashion Avenue so probably early 90’s.

Fashion Avenue Fashions.
Vivienne with her group of models


  1. The competition between Jan and Vivienne is intense and I greatly enjoyed their disparate approaches to showcasing the fashions: outdoors vs. indoors, two models vs. one. It was neat that each show had the same outfit in a different color. In this contest, I preferred the fashions and attention to detail of Vivienne’s show. I look forward to seeing more of their rivalry.


  2. Vivienne looks a lot like an Avon 1998 special Edition, in a pink and black jacket with a black skirt and sheer nylon tights, but she doesn’t have fringe/bangs. There were three versions of her and I’m still looking for the African American one with a pale yellow jacket., or a pretty brunette with brown eyes with a open mouth smile, and a pale blue jacket.

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