Fashion Doll Friday – Barbie Clone

Today’s doll is a vintage Barbie clone that belongs to Naomi. She will be featured in the next Vintage Visitor’s post very soon.


    • They are fascinating to read about although so many different companies were making them in the sixties especially that it is very hard to ID many of them. That’s sort of why I started doing these posts. I hoped that many bloggers together might add pieces to the puzzles.


  1. I found a Barbie clone that is pregnant, for three dollars from China Marked as “Educational Real pregnant doll suit mom doll have a baby in her tummy for Barbie” She is blonde with Barbies face and hos, a cheap knit dress I a baggie that says Wan Ju. no where as cute as a maternity 1985 midge I have and a 1993 Lucky ind co.Ltd. red head preggers doll my daughter had. I am looking for a dr. Kildare doll to open up a nusery/nicu. Do you know what company made him?


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