Santa’s Little Helpers

I don’t often photograph my big baby dolls so I thought that I would take some Christmas photos of them this year.

I had spotted some baby sized Christmas T-shirts at the Op Shop and as there were several of them I decided that I would buy them to dress the big Netta babies in. As it happened we are having a sale this week at the shop. Customers can fill a plastic shopping bag with clothing for five dollars so as we have a lot of baby clothes in at present I decided to give the dolls a Christmas treat and filled a bag with clothing for them.

The Netta babies fit into newborn baby clothes very well, the Christmas shirts and some of the other things were larger sizes and although there was not much chance the babies would grow into them I decided that a safety-pin or a stitch here and there would solve that problem. These outfits are just for Christmas anyway.

When I got home I had so much fun changing their clothes that I let my coffee go cold!

This adorable little guy is a 50cm cloth bodied doll marked Berenguer. I think I bought him from a market or Op Shop for just a couple of dollars.

The next three are my Netta boys. All are made of a heavy vinyl and are marked Netta 1993. The first one is Jimmy who was the first Netta baby I bought. He is the original “Baby in the Bag”. I bought Jimmy from a shop in Adelaide where we used to buy a lot of dolls. It’s not there now. The owner asked me if I would like Jimmy to have some teeth as she had some kits from the factory which was nearby. Naturally I said yes so Jimmy is my only Netta baby to have teeth. I found the red leggings in the baby section to match his santa top.

Bobby was the next to arrive and he came to me via eBay. Like Jimmy he is 50cm long. His outfit was way too big so I had to do a bit of strategic tucking.

My last Netta baby is more of a toddler as he has straight legs. I always wanted one of these dolls with rooted hair and straight legs but didn’t get one for a long time. He came via eBay as well but the seller was the daughter of a lady who used to sell them at the market in Port Adelaide. The very stall where I used to go to admire them! He came to me with the name Wills so I’ve kept it.

Wills’ T Shirt is way too big as it is a size O but I wanted him to be the same as the others.

So here are Santa’s Little Helpers waiting for Christmas Day when we might take some more pictures.

Waiting for Christmas.
Waiting for Christmas.

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