Fashion Doll Friday _ Black Basics Barbie #09 – 2009

Our Friday girl today is Becky who as you know is one of my favourite Barbies. Becky was one of the first Black Basics Barbies I got. Naomi gave her to me with two others.


  1. This is also one of my favorite Basic dolls and I only have two. I love her visage and short blond bob. She is very “high fashion” and I enjoyed her modeling the fuchsia/mauve closet among others 🙂


  2. Oh, this Barbie Basics is one of my favourites – short hair and a closed mouth! Becky shows her versatility in all these outfits. Truly stunning!

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  3. Becky was on my list at the time, but unfortunately none from the lot in the store had such a nice haircut like yours. Their fringe was cut too short, so I passed on getting her. Looking at your adorable girl makes me regret it.


  4. I plan on a trip to the thrift store now I’m recovered from Bronchitis, how old is your lovely girl with the blonde (also the redhead with green eyes)?? Finding a lot of early 2000 dolls. even have a 2000 graduate doll with long hair I could cut but yours has the prettier face/eyes. i have a fuzzy head g.i. joe I suspect is a clone that doesn’t fit kens stuff.(Old but lighter plastic).Do you know of good patterns for the old dolls/male, did they make them for the Tammy family men?



  5. According to my Tammy book Butterick, Simplicity and McCalls all made patterns for Tammy family dolls. Of course the majority would be for Tammy and Pepper but there is a chance there were some outfits for the male dolls as well. I have not seen any myself. I have a book called Sewing for 20th Century dolls which has som patterns for Dr John Littlechap but I think he is taller than Tammy’s Dad. I did find a site with tutorials for making clothing, perhaps a pattern for Ken could be adapted?


  6. Thank you, I think besides Becky who I LOVE, the redhead that I Loved was Candi by Mikelman, I have a redhead but yours is much prettier and my dark haired one doesn’t stand out like yours does as mine both have longer hair. Yours is very Dramatic.


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