Fashion Doll Friday – Santa Baby Candi by MiKelman

It seemed appropriate that today’s doll should be Santa Baby Candi by MiKelman. I bought her without her costume so Prue as she is now known is wearing a Barbie dress. I think she has the prettiest face of all the Candi girls.



  1. love all these fashion dolls. Charice looks like a Jaxx doll I got on e-bay but the eyes are different. She came naked so I was hopeful to showcase her in a vintage Barbie sheath, but her chest and backside are too big.I compromised by putting her in a Disney Grecian goddess knit dress to match her gold sandles. I wondered if anyone knows something more appropriate.


    • I have one Jakks doll myself and she is a little taller and broader than Barbie. I think I did have her in a Barbie dress for a while. I think it was the long, red dress from Barbie for President and that fitted her no problem so perhaps it is just the vintage ones they can’t wear as they tend to be woven fabrics with less “give”. Which one do you have?


  2. Don’t know, long blond straight hair,used with gold sandles. I just discovered my Carlies angels are also Jaxx Dolls.I finally put my blonde in a Darcy red sweater dress. Thinking of naming her Jolene from the Dolly Parton song about a blond haied green eyed beauty taking her man. (Btw) Getting my first blonde Tammy! I have a grown up one with Misty’s body, and got a Dodi and a folding doll house to put them in.I love all your doll adventures! .I hope your move goes well.

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    • My Jakk’s Pacific Girl has long blonde hair which was in thick plaits when I got her. She had vinyl pants, a print crop top and long leopard print fur coat and matching hat. The series was called Girl Force, I think there were three of them. The red head was Bianca and the blonde, mine, is Creanna.


  3. I Marie isn’t that cute!..was going to ask if you knew anything about vintage Candi dolls..mine came in a lot and has blond hair..a very white face but orangy pink body..Mego Corp on the head, Mego of Hong Kong on her upper back,1977.


    • Here is a bit more info 1979 Fashion Candi doll, 11 1/2″ tall rooted hair, [painted facial features jointed body. A Barbie competitor. Candi has four friends: Cinnamon, Lemonade, Tangerine & Wild Berry, each are same sized 11 1/2″ tall & were scented


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