Vintage Dollshouse – Part One

Naomi and I both love discussing our old toys and what we can remember about them. We both had large dolls houses as children, neither of them were new when we got them but we didn’t care. I don’t remember Naomi’s very well except that it had brick paper on the outside walls and possibly the roof was papered. I think it had a staircase inside. Naomi did not have it all that long. It must have had sharp edges or something was damaged on it because our parents decided that it was  a  bit dangerous after a while and it was disposed of.  Naomi was given a much smaller tin dolls house which we now know was made by Marx but more of that another time. As a child I didn’t know what brand my dollshouse was and if I had known I doubt I’d have cared. It was just my dollshouse and I loved it. We played with them for hours. I think we had long attention spans for small children as we could play with the same toys for several hours without getting bored. That does not seem to be the case with young children today.

We were lucky though because mum had taught us how to play games with our dolls and dollshouses. Naomi remembers her setting us up at opposite ends of the dining table and moving between us suggesting “Let’s pretend” ideas starting with simple ones. “Let’s pretend the dolls are having dinner at the dining table” for example. Soon we were making up our own stories for them which kept us occupied on many a rainy day.

image dolls house
A Triang Dolls House from the 1950s (Model 23) photo from Pinterest

When we moved from England to Australia I was not able to bring my dollshouse and I have no photos of it so my memories of it are now over 50 years old. Naturally I turned to Mr Google to see if I could find pictures of a house that resembled what I could remember. I thought that it might be a Triang house after I found a picture that closely resembled the design. Triang Model 61 looked a lot like what I remember. However, it appears that there were other companies that built houses to the same design and features like windows and doors were common to all of them and were also available in kits so now I can’t be sure and will probably never know exactly which one I had.

I don’t really mind though. Now I have a whole new subject to read up on and while browsing I’ve seen lots of lovely old dollshouses.

Naomi has a collection of old dollshouses which I plan to show you next year. I had often said that I’d love to have a house like my old one again but I thought it was unlikely because most of the ones I’ve seen on sale are in England and I thought that the shipping alone would make it impossibly expensive to buy one.

Dolls houses belonging to my sister.
Dolls houses belonging to Naomi by Triang and Marx.

A few months ago Naomi started asking me questions about my old dollshouse and what I could remember about it and I started to wonder if she was planning to get me something dollshouse related for Christmas. I didn’t ask her because I enjoy being surprised.

Closer to Christmas she requested that I provide a table near the Christmas tree because “your present is very large.” and when she arrived to spend Christmas with me she had a huge box with her.

My Christmas present from Naomi was inside this great big box.
My Christmas present from Naomi was inside this great big box.


Rather than keep you in suspense I’ll tell you that she did bring me a dollshouse, it is made of wood and did come from England but is not a Triang No. 61.

I will tell you all about it in my next post. Sorry, I lied about the suspense.

My dollshouse unpacked.
My dollshouse unpacked.



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