Fashion Doll Friday – Twilight Jasper and Octopussy

As this is the last Fashion Doll Friday for the year I thought we’d have a double feature. Naomi’s Twilight Jasper, known as Tyrone and my Octopussy, Angelica step out for New Year’s Eve. Don’t they make a striking couple?


  1. what a funny jasper is taking my version of alice, the pixie in swank red sheath and black leggings from the 2014 the Barbie look city shine series.i like her better than the real alice with her long eyelashes and earrings. where did octopussy come from, she is lovely.does she have the mackey face?


    • I guess Jasper likes to go out at night but then he is a vampire :-). I have that City Shine doll too but I have not deboxed her yet. Looking forward to doing that. Octopussy came out in 2010 as part of a pop culture theme I think. Naomi has James Bond. I think that her face is based on the actress who played the part. Definitely not a Mackie. I was lucky to get Angie boxed at a good price but wasted little time in de-boxing her.


  2. Those lips, those eyes and cheekbones! Jasper reminds me of members of British boy bands during that period when they wore make-up, like Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

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  3. saw all the bond dolls on-line, so pretty..but the real model Cheryl Tiegs looks more like the model from Octopussy, I have Christie Brinkley too she would have made a great bond girl. Does your sisters Bond doll look like Roger Moore or Sean Connery?.


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