Fashion Doll Friday – Swimsuit Edition

It’s summer in Australia so for all of you in the northern hemisphere shivering in wintry weather here is a reminder of sunnier days.


      • Brilliant!, Like me putting a wig on Ken for a Jarreth/Labrinth doll (saw it done on-line, used an Asian doll for the girl.I have very few bathing suits for the gals so will have to try crochet like yours., or some cali wetsuits, like I put on a naked g.i. clone doll.Looks like I should dig in my porcelain doll wig box and hit the beach!


      • Been known to scavenge a wig from small porcelain dolls when they are new/cheap enough, then turn them into Santa or something themed. Just jacked Sunshine doll coverall for a Bratz boy. but I have some Barbie’s wigs that class up molded head dolls in the doll house, I’m wondering if anyone knows about making wigs for dolls.


  1. your pictures make me feel a lot warmer, after having below zero temperatures the last week and 10 cm of snow last night. I’m so ready for spring and summer. I like the golden Bikini on Midge. Is she originally the mermaid doll with the super long hair?


    • Yes she is, well spotted. I bought her pre-loved and as I don’t think super long hair like that looks realistic I experimented with a hair cut and a perm. Marissa was just a twinkle in Mattel’s eye at the time so had to do it myself 🙂


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