Blind Date Three – Clark

Marissa’s New Year party was a great success. After all the guests had departed Midge and Marissa settled down to chat before bed.

After the party.
After the party.

“I was surprised that Clark actually turned up.” Marissa comments. “You never told me why your blind date with him didn’t work out. I want to know what happened.”

Midge relaxing after the New Year party.
Midge relaxing after the New Year party.

“Well it was like this.” replies Midge. “I went to meet Clark at the coffee shop as we had arranged and he was even more nervous and shy than I was. I tried to put him at ease  but then he admitted that he had only come because he’d been set up by his best friend.”

I met him at the coffee shop.
I met him at the coffee shop.
“I only came because my best friend set me up.”Clark admits.

“Fancy! Who would do a thing like that?”

“Who would do a thing like that?”

“So anyway I told him I completely understood how he felt.” continues Midge ignoring Marissa’s comment. “He relaxed a bit then and we had coffee and chatted for about half an hour and then he said he had to go. I thought that would be that.”

“he said he had to go.”

“Well obviously you made an impression. He looks like one of those brainy, serious types but he’s good-looking, especially without those awful glasses. Did he kiss you?”Marissa asks eagerly.

“You know he did, at midnight. You saw us.”

“That was just a peck and doesn’t count as it was for New Year.” says Marissa dismissively. “Too bad we didn’t have any punch. That might have livened things up a bit. He might have stayed  a bit longer” she adds regretfully.

“Well, he is shy. He didn’t want to be the last one to leave I guess. I enjoyed the party and I can remember everything that happened which is more than I can say for the last New Year party I went to.”

Clark left early.
Clark left early.

So as the new year begins Michael is out of the picture but Clark does seem interested and what about Doctor Patrick. Will we see him again?


  1. Can’t wait to see who Midge chooses: Dr. Patrick is older and has little free time due to his job, Michael is too close with his mom and has a wandering eye, and Clark is very shy. Marissa seems to have good instincts so hope she can help Midge find romance. Valentine’s day is around the corner.

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