Fashion Doll Friday – 40th Anniversary African American Barbie & Ken 1999 and 2001

Todays dolls are the African American 40th Anniversary Barbie and Ken. I was lucky to get these dolls as they were never on sale in Australia. I bought them from a doll collector in the USA. She was selling them to finance a vet bill and I was happy both to help out and to get these really attractive dolls.



  1. So, revisiting this doll as I was looking at mine for Black history month, and thinking about diversity in dolls.As I was also repacking/binning Disney dolls, I was so glad to see there was so much more diversity in them as was available for me as a kid. Today on a blog “Planet of the dolls” was something about how how kids reacted to different color dolls many years ago in a study.It was very thought provoking. .

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    • I will take a look if I get the chance. There were no fashion dolls of colour when I was a child but I did have other black dolls that I was fond of. I can’t recall that I thought a lot about why they were different from me. I was more annoyed that most dolls had blue eyes while I have brown eyes so mum got me a brown eyed doll.


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