The Lingerie Show

Jan has been asked to put on a special fashion show for charity. This time she will be showing lingerie. She gathers a group of models and shows them the outfits. Some of them are Fashion Avenue and some are custom-made outfits from internet sellers.  One or two are unbranded retro outfits although Jan does not consider them vintage.

The Models

  • Jan – Model Muse body
  • Julia – Model Muse body
  • Fiona – Twist and Turn body
  • Teri – Fashion Fever body
  • Marissa – Articulated Fashionista
  • Midge – Articulated Twist and Turn

The Fashions

Teri is first wearing a set consisting of bra, panties and matching nightgown or slip.  Although these are a set the gown doesn’t fit well over the bra so it is better to wear one or the other.

Julia manages to look sultry wearing a pair of shortie pajamas which I think were made for the belly button dolls. They are a good fit on Julia.

Julia in Fashion Fever PJ's
Julia in Fashion Fever PJ”s

Next is Fiona, her outfit is Fashion Avenue and includes high-heeled mules with a black pom-pom. This is Fiona’s first time on the catwalk but you would not know it.

Marissa follows wearing a black nightgown with a pair of pink panties with black lace trim and a black lacy negligee. Marissa is totally at ease as always.

Not so at ease in her underwear Midge has been persuaded to revive the “Rocky Horror Show” look for the camera. A black silky teddy worn with fish net stockings and a black lace robe.

Finally Jan reappears in a white teddy  which nobody else could squeeze into and ends the show. This retro styled outfit is from the nineties.

Backstage the girls pose for the official group photo.

The girls pose for the official group shots
The girls pose for the official group shots

Then Pete arrives with a reporter from the local paper. It’s Clark! Who would have thought?

Clark is the reporter for the local paper.
Clark is the reporter for the local paper.

Midge was not expecting to see him there and hurries to get her robe.Clark has come backstage to interview Jan about the show but Julia thinks it is a good opportunity to get acquainted and maybe get her name in the paper. Clark’s mind seems to be elsewhere though.


  1. Oooh so happy to see another fashion show. What lovely models and lingerie. My favorites are the red and fuchsia ensembles. Another encounter for Midge and Clark! Is love in the air as Valentine’s day approaches?;)

    Liked by 1 person

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