Please Adopt Me

This week I’ve been asked to help a reader rehome her doll.

I received an email from  Diane  about her Regal Walker Bride doll. Diane will be moving later this year and she will not be able to take her doll with her. She  would like to find  her a new home rather than having to throw her out or take her to an Op Shop so I offered to help out by putting her on the blog.

Diane’s doll is made by Regal of Canada and is about 76 cms tall so she is a big girl and Diane thinks that she is about 55 years old. Here is the description Diane sent me.

The doll is marked Regal Canada on her lower back. She does have some damage, a crack and a piece missing from the area at the back of her left arm, a crack on her right leg and at the base of her neck.  The doll and her clothing are in need of a good clean . She comes in her original bridal outfit which includes the dress, veil,  underpants and shoes. The outfit also included socks but these are not available (long gone).I don’t know if her dress etc would survive cleaning. Her underpants are terrible – small holes and discolouration. Overall the condition is good (other than the above mentioned) and the plastic isn’t sticky and she smells OK.

Here are the photos Diane sent me. She is happy to provide more if required.

Regal Walker Bride Doll
Diane’s Regal Walker Bride Doll in her original outfit
The doll has some damage
The doll has some damage

I think Diane’s doll is quite similar to my own Regal Walker. I am now wondering if mine was a bride doll too. Here is my big girl. I’ve mentioned her before. She was a bit of a mess when I found her and has a damaged foot but still displays quite well.

Now if anyone reading this is interested in adopting Diane’s doll I suggest that the quickest way to arrange it will be to  contact Diane directly by email. She lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia so readers from that part of the world might be especially interested.

Here are Diane’s contact details:

Diane ZARSKI <>

I know that it when the day comes that I have to let my dolls go I will be very sad and as I have no children I would prefer to know that they would find new homes with fellow collectors. I am sure that this is how Diane feels too so please don’t hesitate to contact her if your collection needs a big Canadian bride doll.

I’m also happy to pass on messages should you have trouble contacting Diane directly.


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