Doll Detective Mailbag – Chiltern Doll 1960

I have had a couple of requests for help identifying dolls recently so today I’ll try to catch up.

This email was from Lynn who has a vintage Chiltern doll.

Attached are photos of the doll. She was purchased in Fiji and sent to me in New Zealand for my birthday in 1960.  She has markings, Chiltern. Made in England on the back if her head and the number 15 on her back.
Many thanks for your assistance.

Lynn’s doll seems to be one of the early teenage doll types that were around before twelve inch fashion dolls really took off. She has a very pretty face and with her stockings and heeled sandals I can imagine her wearing a pencil skirt and sweater or a wide skirted party dress and pearls. Lynn said in her email to me that she called her doll Tammy because she must have thought there was a connection to Debbie Reynolds. I’m guessing this was based on the dolls appearance being rather like the Tammy character in the movies. The first one,”Tammy and the Bachelor” was released in 1957.

Most people think Chiltern Toys as bear makers these days I guess but from 1908 when the company was founded to 1915 when the first bear was produced they only made dolls. I’ll include a link with a bit more background at the end of this post.

I found a photo on a sale site of a MIB Chiltern teen fashion doll which shows her sold in just her underwear and high-heeled shoes. This doll is only ten and a half inches but I imagine that they made other sizes too and this may be what the 15 on Lynn’s doll indicates.Here is a link to the sale site photo.

If anyone knows any more or perhaps has photos of similar dolls they would like to share I would love to hear from you and so would Lynn.

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  1. I just found a similar doll on Pinterest, wearing an outfit I have on one of my dolls (not sure if my doll is the “correct” doll, I may have gotten her separate from the outfit, but put the correct shoes with it! lol) I don’t see a way to post a photo here, however…


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