Doll Detective Mailbag – Made in England Walkie Talkie Doll

My next email about mystery dolls is from Lauren who writes:

I have a walkie-talkie doll that belonged to my mum in the UK in the
1960s. She is approx 23″ tall, with blonde rooted hair (not original
style) and blue sleepy eyes with black lashes. She is mostly hard
plastic with a vinyl head. She says Made in England on the back of her
neck and I can’t find any other marks. She has a pull string on the
back and says at least 5 different phrases (eg. let’s go shopping
mummy, do you like my dress? and I do love you mummy). She has no
speaker holes. My mum is confident she is in her original blue dress
with a white lace butterfly (which looks factory made) and she has
white Cinderella Size 4 shoes.

Thank you for any advice you have as to who she is!

So far I have drawn a blank finding the maker of this doll but I haven’t given up yet. As she has her original dress and we have a good picture and description of her someone must know who she is. The fact that she does not have speaker holes ought to be a bit of  a clue. Most of the usual suspects, Pedigree, Roddy, Rosebud, Palitoy made talking dolls and the transitional dolls with vinyl heads and hard plastic bodies were mainly around in the late fifties and early sixties.

I’ll keep on researching and I will ask Naomi who is good at doll detective work if she can have a look too. In the meantime if anyone else comes up with a brand or a name please let me know.



  1. I was wondering if there are any tags on her little dress. Also some dolls are also put out as a paper doll. I am also checking this avenue just in case. You never know.

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  2. I have the same doll. My gran brought it back from Australia in the early sixties. Although made in England it was bought in Singapore.
    Unfortunately mine no longer talks. My cousin took her apart to try and repair her. The talking part is in her head and works like a vinyl record.

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