Fashion Doll Friday – OOAK Barbie in Fashion Avenue

This is my only customised doll. She is an African American Barbie from around 1998-99 wearing a gown from the 1998 evening wear collection numbered 19195.
She was repainted and restyled by a member of the doll collecting group I belonged to at the time when we did a Christmas doll swap.

This outfit has a gold purse which I know I still have somewhere.



  1. I wondered if you had any face repaints. I got a few without bodies in a head lot, just matching skintone was fun, No marks to match up makers. Used some for characters for my favorite books. Your gift exchange sounds brilliant! I definitely have a few extra Geri Halliwell (spice girls) dolls rolling around. I’ve used a couple times for eighties Barbie heads w/o bodies as they are similar. Starting to see them a lot in swap meets and Thrift store. Do you have hoarder exchange swaps other times for doll collectors to trade?


    • Doll collectors are a bit thin on the ground around here. Most of the ones I know are online although I did bump into someone I knew online at a doll show last year. Never met anyone who had read my blog before -that isn’t related to me or a friend I mean. Those Spice Girls often turn up at markets and Op Shops here too especially Scary Spice. I had one for a while myself but moved her on. They match the Mattel bodies really well for size and skintone. I can’t remember who made them.


      • The ones I have are by Galoob , I happen to think they have the best faces. A couple other company’s made them but I didn’t care for the faces or cheap outfits,.I like posh best as Victoria Beckham has her own line of clothing and can wear Barbies best, even some vintage. Plus I like her short hair. Coming from California I like Sporty spices clothing, kinda casual. , less fussy, but she is harder to find. They look good with my celebrity dolls even Justin Bieber looks classy next to them. I wish someone had made them sing or talk like some others I have. However the batteries they take are like the ones that were in the Barbie Princess and the Pauper dolls and are funny because if they wear out the voices, and are either out of synch or corrode the voice box. I’ve used a vintage Allen as a prince for Those along with a mute talking Ken as they look closer to the Disney type princes.As you can tell I really like character dolls. I have even attempted a few repaints but now look for them at secondary markets.

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      • I know other then a sixties Ken that was mostly mute. There was a blond Ken prince in 1991 that talks with button batteries, for Rapunsel? I see him on e-bay but with shipping he’s usually more than I want to pay. But so far I only have Justin Bieber that sings, but they made several versions of him. I have several females. A talker from the Nanny and singers Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. Plus A few boy bander’s I’ve yet to identify. One I suspect is a Disney show character as his head is oversized. I wish my Donny and Marie dolls sang. They are the perfect bridge for the eighties Rockers and modern singers. With Valentines day approaching I will change out my display to dolls dressed in pink, purple and coordinating colors. I am loving you and your sisters displays!

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