Dollshouse Furniture – Brimtoy Washing Machine

Metal washing machine by Brimtoy.
Metal washing machine by Brimtoy.

Since Christmas when Naomi gave me my doll’s house I have been looking online for furnishings for it. I would like to furnish it in the style of my original one especially since Naomi had also given me the Barton furniture which was similar to what I remember having as a child.

One night while browsing on eBay I spotted the washing machine in the above picture. I had one just like that. Of course I bought it.

This little washing machine is made of metal and was manufactured by a company called Brimtoy. The little mangle and agitator both work when you turn the cranks.

My Brimtoy washing machine just like the one I used to have.
My Brimtoy washing machine just like the one I used to have.

Naomi did some research for me and found several links which I’m going to share with you. This little machine was part of a kitchen set. I did not have any of the other pieces. I would remember if I did so it probably came to me secondhand from the neighbour’s daughter, that’s where my dolls house came from.

This set was manufactured in the 1950s and the description with the picture Naomi sent me said it was tin lithograph in 3/4″ scale which I think is another name for 1:16 scale. There was an oven, fridge, dresser, sink unit and the washing machine. I seem to recall that although I did not know it was part of a kitchen set I put my washing machine in the makeshift dolls house kitchen. I think the room I used was designed to be something else but houses have to have kitchens don’t they?

Now here is a bit about Brimtoy. They originally began in 1914 as BMTM (British Metal and Toy Manufacturers). That company was liquidated in 1921 and a new company called Brimtoy began in 1923 and continued until 1932 when it was absorbed by Wells, another London based toy company who had already been around for some years. Both Wells and Brimtoy were used as brand names for toys manufactured in London until the 1960s and for some years after that in Anglesey in Wales.

Wells Brimtoy seem to have made a lot of clockwork train sets and later on battery-powered ones. The sets came with tin lithographed stations and tunnels and even the graphics on the boxes are beautifully drawn. I’m including the link Naomi sent me even though it is not really doll related. Anyone who appreciates, trains, artwork or toys of another time would appreciate these.

Here is a Pinterest page of tin toys, some Brimtoy and others.


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