Fashion Doll Friday – Barbie in India

This week’s doll was a surprise present from my sister-in-law Louise who has just returned from a trip to India. I’m not sure when this doll was issued but she is listed online as new style Barbie in India. The last release I could date was in 2012.

Like most Dolls of the World Barbies she has the old style Twist and Turn body with the ballet arms. I wasn’t going to de-box her but then decided that I would so that I could see where she was made. She is marked Indonesia. Her clothes are really lovely, nice quality fabric and glowing colours. It seems that this doll was made with a variety of different colour sari’s. Lou’s favourite colour is orange so this one must have jumped out at her.

Naturally as soon as I saw her I knew she was going to be my Friday Girl this week.



  1. Lovely doll! There was an India Barbie (dolls of the world) doll in 1982. She wore a red/gold 3 piece sari in two versions. She had the Steffie head mold, with a red dot on her forehead. She sold for $110.00 U.S. Dollars.

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  2. there were some gorgeous pics of india barbies at; ,I’m loving these dolls and have a black haired Barbie I may dress like this from a book series I like Tigers curse by Colleen Houck. All of the international dolls have such lovely costumes and face paint.


  3. She is lovely and her Sari is gorgeous. They were released around 2009, I think. It’s nice to have different ethnicities in a doll collection. I first bought the Indian Ken for his interesting headmold and last year I found the Barbie with a Sari in bright blue at a fleamarket.


    • It is a lovely outfit. I have a small collection of costume dolls-not Barbies and I had a sari from an earlier Barbie in India that I put onto an Integrity doll. I’d have more but space is becoming an issue.


  4. She is gorgeous. I think mine is older,1995 made in Malaysia.She has a pink sari.I found a crème sari on ebay but haven’t identified what year it is from.i would LOVE an indian ken or other authentic looking counterpart.I am feeling your pain, is there ever enough room? Rotating boxed up dolls from storage because its o.k. fo me to Disney doll my bathroom but the man cave only allows John Wayne.

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